Ylise Kessler Gallery | Art Gallery at Santa Fe | Art Week
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Country: United States
City: Santa Fe
Category: Art Gallery
Address: 333 Montezuma Ave Santa Fe, NM 87501

- About -

Curator/art advisor, Ylise Kessler, is establishing a new paradigm for exhibiting and selling Contemporary Art in Santa Fe and beyond. After many years of considering the way galleries have been evolving, Ylise Kessler Gallery will be not only be an exhibition space, but fill a void as a destination for art advisory services, art-related programming, pop-up shows in other locales, and projects– each curated for specific audiences.

- Previous Artworks -

Elise Siegel
Dimension: 8 × 12.5 × 25.5 in
Pale Blue Porcelain Bust