Sven Laurent | Artist at Brussels | Art Week
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Title: Artist
Country: Belgium
City: Brussels

- About -

With images showing everyday life, objects of our close environment and some subtle portraits, Brussels based photographer, Sven Laurent is exploring the questions of space, time and existence, revealing the unconventional beauty of our close environment. « I don’t look for the exotic or the spectacular. I’m looking for what others wouldn’t notice and certainly not photograph. Then I try to make it attractive by composing a clean frame, organizing elements according to light, color, shapes and perspective. Making the ordinary look extraordinary in order to escape from the oppressive daily routines.
» The spatial organisation of the masses in his frames reveal either the sculptural or the immersive qualities of the photographed subjects, transcending the traditional perception of presence and materiality in contemporary photography.
Dimension: 120 × 80 × 0.1 cm