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Title: Seartworks
Country: France
City: Toulouse

- About -

Born in 1982 in Ankara, Selin is a visual artist based in Ariege. Her work is inspired by patterns in nature, fractal geometries, biological structural forms. Nature is her ultimate source of inspiration while she is forming her abstract work of art. She is seeking harmony and balance through solid-void compositions with non-Euclidean geometry . Her structural expressions are deriving basically from biological forms while neatness and roughness are brought together to express imperfectionism. Phytomorphology has a significant part in the language of her art. Apart from sculpture she is doing photography and mostly printing them on wooden surfaces. After finishing her architecture studies in Ankara in 2006, she started travelling through Asia to explore more about Asiatic cultures.
Then she travelled in Europe to visit ecological communities because of her interest in ecological architecture and permaculture. Between 2010 and 2017 she was living in Berlin. Since 2017 she is working on her art in the south of France.