Ruth Chase | Artist at Nevada City | Art Week
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Title: Artist
Country: United States
City: Nevada City

- About -

My work explores what it means to be a woman and the struggle to understand all that entails. I create large intimate paintings on canvas, public art, and videos that celebrate female identity while challenging harmful stereotypes. I’m interested in contrasting definitions of identity that encourage women to reevaluate roles prescribed to them by society. I use social media as a communal aspect of my process that takes me out of the isolation of my studio and expands my understanding of women outside of my own experiences. Interviewing and engaging the public informs my work. Each painting is created by layering transparent acrylic paint, allowing drips to break up hard lines.
Grey is a dominant color used to represent gender neutrality. Ruth paints in acrylic on canvas, blurring the lines with drips and intersecting patterns, shapes and edges. The paintings are created by layering several thin washes of color to impart a sense of history, experience, and emotional complexity.Her video work informs the paintings and delivers a broader perspective. The art film is a collage of moments that allow the viewer to connect with unlikely perspectives, finding a sense of belonging with someone they may see as “other.”

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Ruth Chase
Dimension: 54 × 50 × 3 in
I Am Many Things At Once


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