M Fine Arts Galerie | Art Gallery at Boston | Art Week
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Country: United States
City: Boston
Category: Art Gallery
Address: 460 Harrison Ave C24 Boston MA 02118

- About -

Founded February 2016, M Fine Arts Galerie is dedicated to continuing to represent the inimitable group of international artists assembled over 18 years by the late Bertrand Delacroix, founder of iconic Axelle Galerie Soho and Boston. Mitch Plotkin and Madison Maushart strive to honor Bertrand's legacy by emulating his passion for exceptional contemporary art and expressing their own aesthetic vision by introducing new local and international, emerging and established artists to the gallery. We are the sole U.S.
representative for most of the artists. Situated in the SoWa district’s thriving art scene, we warmly welcome collectors and visitors alike. We are happy to facilitate seasoned and first-time acquisitions for new and growing collections, give advice on framing or to simply chat about the art! Deeply appreciative of the many collectors and friends we’ve made at Axelle, we at M Fine Arts eagerly look forward to building new relationships with friends, established collectors and first-time visitors.