MAGMA gallery | Art Gallery at Bologna | Art Week
Views: 2008
Country: Italy
City: Bologna
Category: Art Gallery

- About -

MAGMA gallery promotes young Italian and international artists, pursuing the goal of anticipating and highlighting the most innovative trends in the contemporary art market. In an attempt to give ample space to urban art, it focuses, in particular, on the experiments of emerging street artists and writers, promoting their art through participation in numerous fairs and the organization of solo and group exhibitions.
It represents artists such as Alberonero, Hell'O Collective, Tellas, Jan Kalab, 2501, Aris, Roberto Ciredz, Martina Merlini, Nelio, all prominent names on the scene of international Street Art and Urban Art. With a fresh approach and open to research and innovation, MAGMA gallery expands its field of action, welcoming not only exhibitions and collections, but also site-specific installations and performance, approaching multidisciplinary and multi-material experimentation.