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Country: United Kingdom
City: London
Category: Art Gallery
Address: London NW2 5HT

- About -

Kahn is a young and dynamic London-based art gallery. We want to promote our emerging or mid-carrer artists in major international art fairs throughout Asia, Austria, Belgium, Germany, London, the Netherlands, New York, Switzerland ... Kahn wants to offer contemporary art in a relaxed and approachable atmosphere, so you can now enjoy to visit our 100% online gallery from your home or... everywhere else! We just want to provide a fun and exciting art selection for you to gain access, increase your knowledge, fall in love and... buy art!
Kahn chooses to represent art and artists who do not fit into any particular current trend or fashion, but who are exploring various media, techniques or ideas that are timeless. We believe art is a gift to be shared, given and received with appreciation and respect. Share your passion, spread our art.

- Previous Artworks -

Sam Peacock
Dimension: 100 × 2 × 100 cm
Sam Peacock
Dimension: 85 × 2 × 35 cm
Instow Bay