Judith Rabl | Artist at Augsburg | Art Week
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Title: Artist
Country: Germany
City: Augsburg

- About -

The artist lives in Germany (Augsburg), in the south of the country, since 2011. She studied art therapy in Munich (A.K.T). Born in Romania, in 1973, she found her approach to art very early. However, she was never impressed by concrete pictures. She always enjoyed the variety of possibilities that hid in the abstract. 'Already as a little girl, I knew that through painting I want to and have to express myself to my fellow human beings. My creative streak is so strong that if I could not live it out, it would destroy me from inside... She began to study different painting techniques intensively.
I would name a few: acrylic painting, oil painting, flower painting, landscape painting, spatula technique and the realistic multi-layer oil painting after the technique of the 'old masters', also the abstract painting with digital graphic and with illustration. In 2007 she began to explore the fine arts and quickly developed her own distinctive image and form language, which made her paintings and graphics easily recognizable. The portraits of Judith Rabl are expressive images of deep human feelings. In the focus of her abstract works, that reveal predominantly subtle to clear figurative approaches of people where human emotions are revealed unmistakably. Painting is a very intense process for her. She cannot plan the characters, most are blindly sketched, they emerge intuitively and they have their own stories, says Judith Rabl. She lets her mind run free and lets it reflects what touches her. Common to this method is that these awkard and uncontrollable feelings play their own role. Her compositions swing back and forth between color sumptuousness and reduced minimalism, but always reflect a certain solidarity. She concentrates on how light and colors falls, and than she interprets it in a genial way, framed by naive-seeming elements, bright colors, a touch of Balkan playfulness and passion that make the painting of Judith Rabl different.