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Title: designer + visual artist in Berlin
Country: Germany
City: Berlin

- About -

ABOUT; Berlin-based artist Jan Ziegler was born in southern Germany in 1974. He graduated from design studies in 2000 and has been working for numerous renowned and international fashion and lifestyle brands since then. Jan’s exquisite sense of aesthetics is also reflected in his work as a freelance artist and as a lecturer at several eminent fashion and design institutes. As a visually orientated person, he began exploring art and design at an early age. In 2011, he initiated working on his independent artist profile and using the medium of paint to capture snapshots of human emotions in abstract visual references. Jan’s abstracted landscapes appeal to the viewer’s unconscious perception, they seem placeless and bestow a mysteriously vacuos, almost hermetic sense of atmosphere.
In his portrait works, Jan pursues a concept of subtle beauty that reaches beyond established ideals. Primarily male faces, they fascinate through their magical presence, and appear lost in reverie, sometimes looking almost stereotypical whilst leaving space for individual associations and interpretation. Jan often uses researched photographs as inspiration for his paintings, but he is also influenced by afterimages of random encounters as well as visual impressions, and specific light situations that reveal themselves to him. These are fleeting moments of enchantment that he preserves on canvas with acrylic paint. A swift, gestural work process allows the consideration of intuitive aesthetic decisions that do not exclude the moment of chance. Jan’s work has been exhibited in national and international group shows and can be found in private collections in Europe and the United States. EXHIBITIONS: 11/2019 BOYS SHOW, duo exhibition with Robert Niemann, VONLBISG GALLERY, Berlin / Germany 09/2019 POP-UP EXHIBITION, group show, THE BALLERY, Berlin / Germany 09/2019 STIR IT UP, group show summer academy painting class Norbert Bisky, ELSA ART SPACE, Bielefeld / Germany 05/2019 TEMPORARY EXHIBITION, solo show at POP IN store by ASHLEY MARC HOVELLE, Berlin / Germany 01/2018 CHARLOTTENBURGER HÄNGUNG, group show, GALERIE MICHAELA HELFRICH, Berlin / Germany 12/2018 ART GAYSEL, group show during Art Basel Miami, HOTEL GAYTHERING, Miami Beach / USA 11/2018 POP UP STUDIO SHOW, group show, STUDIO JENNY KEUTER, Berlin / Germany 10/2018 SHOW UP 5, group exhibition painting class Norbert Bisky of summer academy Salzburg, STUDIO HOPPE, Braunschweig / Germany 07/2018 SUMMER SLUMP, group show, GALERIE MICHAELA HELFRICH, Berlin / Germany 07/2018 ANONYME ZEICHNER, group show, GALERIE IM KÖRNERPARK, Berlin / Germany 04/2018 EARLY SUMMER FAILURES, group show, COGALLERIES Berlin / Germany 04/2018 ARTSPRING 2018, group show, MUSEUM PANKOW Berlin / Germany 04/2018 ENTER ART FOUNDATION – 26 CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS, group show, STOCKHOLM ART WEEK, Stockholm / Sweden , 12/2017 LOST 48H ART FESTIVAL, group show with ENTER ART FOUNDATION, Berlin / Germany , 12/2017 MITGLIEDER AUSSTELLUNG 2017, group show, BADISCHER KUNSTVEREIN Karlsruhe, Germany 09/2017 AND BEYOND, group show, WHITECONCEPTS PROJECTS Berlin / Germany 08/2017 CLOSE UP – Klasse Norbert Bisky Reloaded, group show, KUNST QUARTIER BBK Osnabrück / Germany 04/2017 GIVE AND TAKE ART, participation in artproject, PORT25, Mannheim / Germany 02/2017 #5#ON#PAPER, group show, JKD GALERIE, Berlin / Germany 12/2016 MITGLIEDER AUSSTELLUNG 2016, group show, BADISCHER KUNSTVEREIN Karlsruhe, Germany 10/2016 UMӔTTELIGHED_VORACITY, group show, BLAA GALLERI KØPENHAVN/ Denmark 08/2016 PENTIMENT, International Summer Academy for Art and Design – painting class + group show tutored by Norbert Bisky at University of Applied Sciences (HAW), Hamburg / Germany 07/2016 ANTHOLOGY 2016, group show, VAN DER PLAS GALLERY, New York / USA 06/2016 VORACITY, group show, PROJEKTRAUM MESSING, Berlin / Germany, 04/2016 BASICALLY / commerce by artist, group show, KUNSTHAUS L6, Freiburg / Germany 01/ 2016 SIMULTANEOUS SILENCE, duo-exhibition with Robert Niemann, JKD GALERIE, Berlin / Germany 08/2015 ANONYME ZEICHNER, group show, KUNSTVEREIN TIERGARTEN NORD, Berlin / Germany 07/2015 AUTOCENTER SUMMER ACADEMY, painting class tutored by Norbert Bisky, group show, AUTOCENTER, Berlin / Germany

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