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Title: gallerist
Country: Italy
City: Rome

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Galleria Anna Marra, active since 2013, has become an increasingly important presence in the contemporary art sector. Located in Rome’s ancient Jewish Ghetto, the space’s minimalist architecture is its main characteristic. This impression is mirrored in the choice of exhibitions it hosts, only those which are the most essential and rigorous in their artistic research. The Gallery focuses on valorising emerging and middle career talents, it promotes by organising exhibitions both in its own exhibition spaces and in public institutions.
To create its exhibitions it avails itself of scientific contributions from external curators with which each project is elaborated, as well as through the publication of dedicated monographs and catalogues and participation in art fairs. Then as had been the gallery’s intention right from the beginning, though still maintaining its attentive eye on Italian art, whose artists represent a high cultural level in the international scene, it brought to Italy the work of artists who had travelled different artistic paths. Thanks to collaboratory agreements with galleries and curators in New York in 2016 it started a cycle of exhibitions dedicated to American artists active on the New York scene. Galleria Anna Marra is part of Artughet, an Association that brings together the galleries located in the Jewish Ghetto in Rome.

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Aron Demetz
Dimension: 183 × 56 × 35 in
Aron Demetz
Dimension: 125 × 65 × 30 in
Aron Demetz
Dimension: 110 × 45 × 24 in