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Hearing the whispers of the metal David Han, a Silicon Valley computer industrial graphic designer for over ten years, who, Brought up in China in a family of artists and engineers, he started taking academic drawing lessons as a child. After immigrating to the U.S., He had exposure to Western culture and the enduring influence on him of the Asian tradition. In a casual encounter with a high power electric welder, has suddenly found a way to let out all the elves and genies hiding deeply inside him. It could be the sparks, flares and the smell. It is not in computer 3D graphics but by welding pieces of metal together which he can breathe life into each one of them.
The queue of elves and genies has since then hit the unstoppable proceed button, and one by one through the hands of David they are born! As a pioneer in this seemingly uncharted territory of manual metal art, David has experienced many setbacks and failures. He often has to resort to creating new tools to accomplish his desired effects. He has to invent procedures to safely bond the heavy often very sharp pieces of metal together. Accidental cuts and bruises were daily occurrence until he got all the procedures mastered. In the midst of these pain and excitement, the first goblin on the queue was successfully escorted out of David's workshop in 2010. Like a mystic, David has no drafts, no blueprints, no JPEGs, nor any precise measurements of what the next little genies coming off the queue would be. He has each one of their souls in the master's hands created full of life and energy. Like a dancer on his favorite red sneaker or a painter with his most favorite brush, David was inspired and driven to let out all these elves and genies inside him. He spent all his off time hammering and zapping away. The work is very time-consuming and physically demanding. In 2014, David resolutely decided to drop his ten plus years of Industrial Designer work and dive in full time one hundred percent committed like a hermit in a mission for his artwork...... The metal pieces David used in his work are mostly recycle materials which had their glorious days, such as the chassis of a 386 computer, or an iron gate once guarded the family's safety. They are being abandoned either because they are obsolete, rusted or just not useful anymore. It is none of their faults. They receive breathe of new life at the hands of David. It is difficult to describe his works as abstract or figurative, for in each of his works one can see harmonious fusion of dinosaur-like fossil bones of vertebrates, a roaring Harley-Davidson roadster, or an aircraft ready to lift off. David does not care how his work being categorized nor labeled. He believed that art must be pleasing to the eyes and radiant with positive energy. It must also emanate bravery with kindness. Different audiences at different angles will appreciate his works with varying experience, but the only constant is that they can all feel the gentleness orchestrated from these once abandoned metal pieces. While he is still a rookie in the art circle, David had already won two championships in two well-known art exhibitions in Miami(Art Fusion 2015 4th Annual International Fine Art Competition, http://www.artfusionartists.com/IFAC/ifac-winners/) and Los Angeles((2016 The Beverly Hills Art Show)) in the past two years. He is also invited to create a landmark art piece at one of the famous piers in the South Bay Area (Redwood City). We look forward to see more metal art works from David Han, thus more people will have the opportunity to feel the positive energy exuded for his work.
Dimension: 41 × 23 × 32 in
Dimension: 56 × 54 × 53 in