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Country: Singapore
City: Singapore
Category: Art Gallery
Address: Addicted Art Gallery #18-01 The Morningside 1 Jalan Kuala Singapore 239639 (By Appointment Only) Our operating hours are from 10am - 6pm Singapore time Monday through Saturday. To arrange a viewing, feel free to give Blair or Elena a call on +65 9068 2026 / +65 8218 1357 during these hours. Alternatively, you can email us anytime and we will reply as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you.

- About -

"Our Story" Addicted Art Gallery was founded by an Australian "Mr" (Blair) and "Mrs" (Elena) living in the buzzing metropolis of Singapore. Our passion for art was ignited in the late 90s when we purchased our very first piece, a collage, from a gallery located in Berry, a country town in New South Wales, Australia. Fast forward a few years to 2002. It was during this year we were offered the opportunity to work in The Lion City, otherwise known as Singapore.
This became the launching pad for more travel and living adventures which included calling London and New York home for a number of years. During our travels we collected art pieces we loved - a practice we strongly encourage! These pieces are a reflection and a reminder of where we have been, and of the fond memories made along the way. In 2007 our voyage came full circle and we once again returned to the island nation where we continued our love affair with art. Our passion rapidly became an addiction which lead to the birth of Addicted Art Gallery in 2015 - an online art experience. "Our Art" Our aim at Addicted Art Gallery is to connect you to art in a friendly, posh-less, non-highbrow kind of way. Over the years we have developed a love for all different types of art and that is what we want Addicted Art Gallery to reflect. As a result, we have divided our art into three broad categories. Our diverse portfolio includes; Contemporary Art, with a predominantly South East Asian focus; Urban and Pop Art, featuring well known and highly respected artists whose works will make you think, laugh and question; and lastly, there are our beautiful Vintage Posters and Art Deco inspired works which will transport you to a different time. We hope you enjoy what our Gallery has to offer and encourage everyone to get Addicted too. And remember... “ The earth without art is just 'eh'. ” ~ Unknown We Are Addicted!