ArtCan Organisation | Empowering Artists by Creating Opportunities at London | Art Week
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Title: Empowering Artists by Creating Opportunities
Country: United Kingdom
City: London

- About -

ArtCan is an artist-led, non-profit arts organisation with members across Britain and internationally. ArtCan’s work is supported by the efforts of artist-member volunteers, contributions from Founder Friends and Friends of ArtCan and with the valued guidance of the Board of Trustees. ArtCan has expertise in producing collaborative art exhibitions in London, across Britain and internationally. The exhibitions complement the work of established galleries by enabling talent to gain experience and skills.
ArtCan work with galleries, but also seeks new spaces where art becomes a part of everyday life and with the aim of involving audiences in an organic and personal way. ArtCan’s artist-centred ethos means that the model does not involve charging membership fees or commissions on sales, to help artists focus on developing a sustainable practice.

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Dimension: 90 × 90 × 2 cm
Waterlillies #1