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Lady of the Snow

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Tuesday, 3 September 2019
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60 × 3 × 48 in

“Synthetic Landscapes and Organism”
The synthetic landscape “Lady of the Snow” was inspired by Terry Lennon’s poem titled “Blizzard”. An excerpt is as follows:.

“…We are drawn to herpeering through small white driftson a mullioned gridinto the faint ice blue of her belly, until, with cold chortleshe blows our world black…”
                                     Cerca 2011 “Blizzard” by Terry Lennon

This period of work evolved from the idea of nature being so disrupted and stressed by our careless disregard for chemical waste and the manufacturing of disposable products that I began to invent my own reality.  The imagery in this artwork is what I have dubbed “Synthetics.”   These landscapes and organisms are presented as a reality of organic life; however, they are fantasy - nonexistent reality.

I see them in the vain of science fiction (a great love of mine) where art exaggerates and projects current societal problems into an alternative reality, which in many cases over time is drawn remarkably close to our future.
These fanciful forms and composition elements are subconscious ramblings as in dreams. However, dreams often piece together a visual experience distorted and assembled from actual daily events.  What I find is that the reporting and studies of these types of environmental issues seep into my dreams and then without conscious thought emerge in the art I create.