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Still not enough for the country

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Sunday, 22 September 2019
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100 × 70 × 10 cm

We live in a time of free market competition, where we are racing to achieve more. Where all the values ​​with the value of realism in each individual individual. Many people justify any means to be able to compete and surpass others, so that they can survive in the swift climate of free competition today. We are competing to pile up material that is not small amount from ours there are the rights of the poor and needy.
With so many material possessions that we have, making us increasingly in front of others is undeniably more arrogant, selfish, and other heart disease. Heart disease is now becoming vague, with many personal individuals who are apathetic (ignorance) with others, whose current values ​​are material that can enrich them, otherwise on another tongue in the heart that's what is happening now, we become hypocritical individuals. Halting all means to enrich themselves no matter how the condition of others around him.
People are busy with their own interests, rather than their shared interests, they think that it is no longer important to think of others, because oneself is not necessarily helped. We glorify a prosperous future but social inequality and hypocrisy are increasingly wide open, creating groups and groups that enrich themselves. If we are not the group we will never get anything. Humans increasingly glorify their respective egoism, as evidenced by the loss of consensus, community tolerance, norms, customs. Many have lost this nation's culture, who knows where they have gone. Or is the age of not needing our nation's culture.