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Review Me - Summer 2020





Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
Submission Fee: USD 10 and Selection Fee: USD 180
Monday, 31 August 2020

Review Me - Summer 2020 invites visual artists to submit up go 10 artworks for a chance to receive a professional art critique or an art interview. Selected artists interviews and art critiques will be published in an Italian or Canadian contemporary art magazine to boost artists recognition and exposure.


■ Art Critique

25 selected artists will receive a detailed critique of their submitted artworks.

■ Art Interview

25 selected artists will receive a detailed interview of their submitted artworks.

■ Translation

Critiques will be translated and published in 2 languages: English and Italian.

Interviews will be translated and published in English.

■ Publishing

Critiques and interviews will be published in one of the online issues of 2 art magazines in Italy and Canada.

■ Biafarin Certificate

A digital certificate will be issued for all participants and selected artists.

Each artist can print the digital certificate from Biafarin platform, after the submission is complete.


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