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Sell @ 100 Galleries - Annual Sales Festival - 2021





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Fee Detail: 
Submission Fee: USD 20 & Selection Fee: USD 200
Saturday, 23 October 2021

Sell @ 100 Galleries: 3rd Annual Art Sales Festival - 2021

Sell @ 100 Galleries is an exceptional international art sales opportunity, organized by Biafarin, in cooperation with a group of well-known online art galleries worldwide, from North America to Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. 

The uplift in online art market activity following the Covid-19 pandemic is sustained, and the end of the year sales has always been a great chance to showcase and sell your art in online spaces.

Now in its third consecutive year, Sell @ 100 Galleries will showcase minimum 5 artworks from each selected artist in up to 100 online placements in a couple of world-class galleries for 3 whole months to boost their exposure massively and increase their chance to sell original artworks, prints, and merchandise effectively.

Moreover, while this unique art opportunity completes artists' whole year sales efforts, it creates the necessary momentum for artists to start a very fruitful new year in terms of artwork exposure and sales.

Selected artists will benefit from sales administration services from art data processing, uploading, promoting and communication, monitoring, reporting, and managing artist accounts in various online galleries for 3 months.

By participating in this opportunity, your artworks will have a chance to be seen by up to 10 million international visitors monthly, including art experts, collectors, business owners, museums, galleries, agents, and art enthusiasts who regularly search online art shops and galleries to find, select and buy their favorite arts.

All participant artists pay a small submission fee, while the selection fee of USD 200 applies to selected artists only.

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How to Apply: 

Submit 5 to 10 artworks via CaFE or Biafarin platform.




Diana from Biafarin