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1: Tell us a little about yourself.
I’ve moved to London 12 years ago already, now I’m 40, I’m always looking for new challenges. I’m doing more then just studio fashion and advertising , I’m interested also in outdoor and  adventure photography.

2: What was it that made you want to become a photographer?
I’m generally interested in art. I love painting  from first half of XX century, I love design from art deco period, but I personally chose photography  as my from of expression.

3: What photographer inspires you? 
There is few people I really admire. From old school I think the best photograher of all time is  Richard Avedon.  He was one of the first people to shoot fashion in very dynamic way. And he was very versatile:   from art thru fashion to commercial. From younger generation I find work of Solve Sundsbo absolutely incredible. Limitless creativity, precision and taste. If there was a chance to assist anyone I would chose these 2 photographers 

4: Do you prefer film, digital or both? why?
I’ve moved to digital few years ago and for now I don’t think I will come back to film soon.
Unfortunately shooting film is expensive and even I would like to shoot some stuff on film I don’t think I would be able to find a commercial client willing to pay for developing and processing films anymore.

5: Tell us about your most memorable assignment? why?
I think one of the coolest project was this shoot for Sony with Marc Czerwiec. Marc is a great artist and specialist in projection mapping so we were filming his projection on body of a girl, creative heaven.

6: What would be your dream assignment?
I would love to join expedition of climbers to Himalayas or Patagonia and photogprah/film their sport achievements in creative way.

7: If you could have your work printed in any publication in the world, which would you pick?
if you asked my this question few years ago I would answer Vogue Italia, Numero, Interview,  now I would  also chose  Outside, National Geographic or Climb. 

8: What do you think about the Creative community in London?
London has the best creative environment you can imagine, Very busy cool creative place , Loads of fantastic people to collaborate and benign inspired. I love London.