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Maddox Gallery is a contemporary art space based in Central London, what can you tell us about where the idea behind Maddox Gallery came from and what it has been like developing it into fruition? 

My wife and I have had a passion for art and have collected art for over 20 years. 8 years ago, I had a major health issue with my heart, and and decided to change a career from being involved into international television production and marketing, to selling art. I had a network of clients and started to appear on televisions shows and write articles on art. For 5 years I have been the Investment Art Expert for British Airways with an inflight programme on the international flights. It was 18 months ago, with some very good friends, we were talking about the art market in London and decided to open a gallery in Mayfair. We now have an amazing and highly professional team who are all passionate for the business.


The gallery displays work from a broad range of artists, from the internationally established from Banksy to newly emerging artists. What opportunities does showcasing work from such a wide range of artists with different concepts and mediums, offer Maddox Gallery?

We provide a platform for cutting edge emerging artists that have the ability to become globally successful. In this day and age, this is possible because of social media. We promote leading emerging artists such as Bradley Theodore, Dan Baldwin and Simafra. In each generation it is rare when an artist emerges that has the potential to become truly iconic, such as Lichesttein, Warhol or Basquiat however, we confidently believe some of our artists have the talent to join this esteemed group. For Maddox Galleries, it reinforces the credibility of our brand and reputation with customers and in the art world.


Throughout the year Maddox Gallery hosts a fantastic range of shows, talk us through the curation and installation process?

It is important to know the market and identify the opportunities of presenting certain artists that will have global appeal. We have already opened another gallery in Mayfair at Shepherd Market. We present every exhibition launch like a television show, people love the wow factor. We never want to do boring things. These events have had such a positive impact in the market and generate international publicity.


Your most recent exhibition was Eden, the first solo show for Simafra. What was like to be hosting the first solo show for someone, and how has the show been received thus far?

The Eden exhibition with the artist Simafra, has proven to be yet another success. We had over 250 people attending with the Italian Deputy Ambassador and it was a sell out show. When we featured the ‘ORO’ exhibition by Pedro Ruiz, it was at the request of President Santos or Colombia, during his state visit to London. We hosted 19 ambassadors here and members of the Royal family.


You have also hosted charity auctions in the past, last November the ‘Caudwell Childrens' charity’ auction, what prompted the decision to host an art auction and how did you go about acquiring the works to be sold? 

Daniele, my wife, knows the board members of the Caudwell Childrens' Charity, and volunteered the assistance of the gallery. We were most pleased to be able to help. Our artists donated their artwork and we raised £210,000 in an hour. The following month we also hosted the Art on a Posctard charity event for the Hepatitis C Fund.

You recently opened a second gallery space, Maddox Gallery at Bankrobber in Shepherd Market, can you tell us more about the decision to open a second space and what you’ve got planned for it in 2017?

The gallery space in Shepherd Market, came up as an opportunity because of our friendship with the owner of Bankrobber. The central location is ideal. We have already been doing pop-up galleries in the States and international art shows. This month we will be in Bahrain. One of my favourite quotes is by Van Gogh; I dream of painting and I paint my dream.’’  To me it is a privilege to represent such talented artists and to work with the most talented people I know, here at Maddox Galleries.