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1. What is your artistic background?

I was painting and drawing from an early age. At school, Art was the only subject I was interested in. I would say I have been painting and drawing all my life.

2. What materials do you usually prefer to work with? Why? 

I usually prefer working with oil on canvas. Also, etching on copper or zinc plates.


3. If you had to describe your work to a stranger, how would you do it?

My work is figurative, contemplative, from the imagination. Open to interpretation.


4. Who or what inspired you to focus on the world of emotions, thoughts, memories and dreams? 

The work reflects my life and inner feelings.


5. When are you most productive?

A drizzly day in Spring is perfect but any time I am in the studio.


6. You have exhibited in both the UK and abroad. In your opinion, what was your best exhibition ? 

I've had my work shown in many exhibitions which have all been interesting in their own way


7. What kind of challenges have you overcome as an artist, and what challenges do you currently face ?

I’m searching for a way to become more direct in my work.


8. How would you describe the current Art Scene in London ? 

There seem to be many people who are interested in looking at art, and supporting artists. 

Sonia Martin