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Photography: Group Exhibition

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Thursday, 3 December 2020 to Thursday, 31 December 2020
Thursday, 3 December 2020 -
7:30pm to 9:30pm

Las Laguna Gallery presents: Photography: A Group Exhibition

Photography provides many things; proof that something happened, the ability to capture a moment or memories, or as a means of communication. This selection of work comes from artists across the globe who provides interesting and innovative shots. Works in the show both exite and inspire. Some works provoke the viewer to laugh, and others will bring true sadness to your heart. The end result is a fantastic journey of imagery that shows ingenuity, talent, heart, and perception.

Works in this show include traditional and digital works as well as other types of photography including camera phone shots and analog pieces done using Polaroids.

This exhibition is sure to capture your heart.


Curator :

Artist ( Description ): 

Artists include: Darlene Alexander, Kat Alyst, Fiona Ar, Anica Archip, Diana Ardelean, Robin Ay, Gary Balsam, Geoffrey Bark, Wendy  Bednarz, Gary Beeber, Claude Beller, Laurey Bennett-Levy, Stephanie Bethel, Charles Birnbaum, David Blow, Karol Blumenthal, Nancy Breakstone, Lawrence Bridges, Kate Brogdon, Royce Brown, Ron Brown , Veronica Bruno, Rodney Buxton, Katie Byard, Michael  Campbell, William Campbell, Mario Campos, Emmaline Carter, Julie Chapa, Linda Chaussee, Bryon Clemence, Amy Cochran, Maria Coletsis, Shawn Cornell, Nathanael Cox, Angela Dagostino, Sandra Dalton, Tom Debley, R.G Demarest, Linda DeRosa, Lynne  Deutch, Mark Dierker, Suzanne Engelberg, Julian Fabiolato, rachelle Farber, Marta Feinstein, Brandon Filas, Christine Finkelson, Jennifer Flores, Christopher Fowler, Ana Gadish-Linares, John  Galvin, Margo Geddes, Malcolm  Glass, Charlie Groh, Anastasiia Gubska, Harrie Handler, Jamie Hankin, Jeremy  Hansen, Howard Harris, Leslie  Harris , Giselle Hernandez, Julia Hiebaum, Russell Houlston, Stefka Hristova, Gerald Hushlak, John Jackson, Jeremy  Janus, Angelica Jaramillo, Feng Jiang, Kuria Jorissen, Lauren Kalita, Autumn Kapisak, Elizabeth Kayl, BK Kelley, Michaelann Kelley, Jin Kim, Ken Konchel, Olesya Konovalova, Guy Larson, Harry Longstreet, Mark Macias, Alan Mahood, Justin Martin, JD Mathes, Christina McFaul, Dave McKinney, Braddon Mendelson, Lola Mitchell, Karen Muir, Maureen Mulhern-White, Ed Muncal, Nicholas  Nicola, Zach Pardos, Michael Parvin, Tim Passaro, Tara Pate, Colleen Pendry, Kameron Peoples, Jean Picou, Jeanne Poling, Bill Polkinhorn, Anca Popa, Tanya Porter, Joyce Richardson , Minka Ricker, Ronald Rigge, Ted Rigoni, Bella Rinne, Diana Rivera, Heather Roberson, Ernesto Rodriguez-Corria, Ellen Roebuck, Bill Schahfer, AJ Schnettler, Victoria Sebanz, Pandora Seibert, Nobue  Shinn, Lisa Shislowski, Erica Sloan, Emma Snoddy, Fabienne Sowa, Don Spargur , Nicolette Spear, Jill Spencer, Stephanie Spyker, George Stein, Louise Stivers, Eric Stogner, Tammy Swarek, Ariel Swartley, Ross Taylor, Mandee Taylor, Mandayam Thirunarayanan, Taylor Thomas, Kimberly Trant, Lana Turner, Carlos Vargas, Chris Villiers, Piet Visser, Jane Walker, Rachel Weber, Gregg Weissman, Dianne Wennick, Lissa  Westerman, Keith Winn, Elaine Woo, Hong Wu, Jay Youngdahl, Yuliia Zaluzhna

Other Info: 

Quickly becoming one of the premier contemporary and fine art galleries in Laguna Beach, California; Las Laguna Gallery is dedicated to the exploration and engagement of contemporary and fine art visual culture – regionally, nationally and internationally; through unique collaborations between artists, students and the community.

Las Laguna Gallery is located on Pacific Coast Highway in Laguna Village. Laguna Village is an artist alcove situated on the cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. This location is a must stop location with artist galleries, and jewelry shops. Our location features a restaurant, bar, and there is live music in the fire-side theater Tuesday thru Saturday.

Las Laguna Gallery
577 S. Coast Highway, Unit A-1
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
+1 949 667 1803

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577 S. Coast Highway Laguna Beach, CA 92651

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