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Tyler Shields Exhibition at SLG Thompson Hotel Dallas at the National

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Saturday, 23 April 2022
Saturday, 23 April 2022 - 5:00pm

 Samuel Lynne Galleries is excited to welcome back Tyler Shields to Dallas with a brand-new exhibition. We are pleased to present Shields’ latest series along with brand new work and a selection of his most iconic photographs. This exhibition will be open to the public on April 23,2022, at Samuel Lynne Galleries at Thompson Hotel Dallas at The National (205 N. Akard St.) The exhibition will be on view through May 21, 2022. This presentation will feature over 30 photographs including the world premiere of multiple works. Shields has spent the last few decades making a name for himself and has become a creative tour deforce in the photography & film industries. His willingness to test boundaries has earned him praise from critics around the world. Often collaborating with celebrities, models, comedians, athletes, and actors for his provocative projects, Shields’ photographs are iconic and are making their mark in prestigious collections around the world. With this collection, Shields has once again secured recognition & attention as an artist who urges audiences–when confronted with an unfamiliar style–to expand their appreciation for photography. He is introducing the viewer to the benefits of breaking the rules, pushing the limits and risking it all for the perfect shot. Shields consistently maintains a visible effortlessness in his work; emphasizing that photography remains what it has always been–a tool for the creativity of the artist. Shields is best known for his rebellious and provocative photography that closely represents themes of consumerism, eroticism, fantasy, decadence and violence. His photographs play with the concepts of power structures, hyperrealism and cinematography. Shields constantly challenges the meaning of modern portrait photography by shifting the landscape of identities and the mundane of our contemporary world. Recent years have proven to be some of the most impressive for Shields’ career. He has had several exclusive photographs go to auction at Christie’s, Phillips, & Sotheby’s and his most recent achievement includes being the first ever living photographer to be honored with a one-man show at Sotheby’s London.

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Thompson Dallas, 205 North Akard Street Dallas, TX 75201

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