Jan Schnurr: Color Shape/Pattern Play March 8-April 5, 2019; Reception: Friday, March 8, 6-9 PM Artist Talk: March 17, 2-3 PM (FREE)

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Friday, 8 March 2019 to Friday, 5 April 2019
Friday, 8 March 2019 - 6:00pm

Jan Schnurr is a mixed media artist who explores the beauty inherent in both natural and man-made forms. Many of her abstract two-dimensional works focus on creating patterns with geometric and organic shapes. These repeated shapes often include rust stains, left by found metal bits of hardware. Newer work delves into the balance between change and control, by encouraging random color mixing of ink drops in bright hues.


The artist comes from a family of gifted quilters, embroiderers, and seamstresses. Early on, she realized that her choice of abstract patterns linked her to a long line of female artisans who were responsible for creating a beautiful home through textiles and clothing. As she writes,

“My art explores the external/internal and spiritual/physical artistry that surrounds us in our everyday lives. I am interested in the notion of beauty from color through natural and man-made patterns.”


Schnurr’s multi-layered process of creating her two-dimensional mixed media pieces includes “pastel drawing as well as paint techniques of pouring, washing, layering, rusting and staining with teas.”  Rather than applying paint with a brush, she encourages color mixing, bleeding, and staining. Thus her process mirrors her belief in the concept of wabi-sabi, as she says, “my art celebrates the imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete.”

Jan Schnurr has an MA in Art Studio from California State University Sacramento, and currently resides in Napa. Her work is in private collections in California and has been exhibited widely in the Northern California region.

Sponsored by Terence Leung, Kit & Bonnie Lam, Ron & Rosie Soohoo, Don Yee & Frances Leung.


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Artist Talk: March 17, 2-3 PM (FREE) 

This talk will take place in the gallery. Jan will share her process, explaining her choices in material and the inspiration behind her paintings. 

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212 D St. Davis, CA

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