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ALEXANGEL ESTEVEZ, American Landscape Paintings

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Saturday, 5 October 2019 to Saturday, 9 November 2019
Saturday, 5 October 2019 - 5:00pm

Landscape painter Alexangel Estevez passionately believes the American landscape contains essential information that explains much about our great, complex land and its people. He thus decided to move from his home in East Los Angeles to the East Coast to study and hone his skills at expressing his unique vision of the American landscape. 

The artist has developed a personal style of expressing, in his paintings, direct, almost primal, visions of the scenes he has experienced.  This goal, to create images that engage the viewer by conveying an underlying truth about the landscape, distinguishes his work from a myriad of landscape painters working today. 

As a gallery that exhibits works by some of the best known artists in the area,

American Painting Fine Art always seeks to discover original approaches to the art of painting.  Mr. Estevez clearly demonstrates familiarity with the past and prevailing schools of landscape painting, but takes the pursuit further, and in unexpected directions.  His palette, often

limited--but always rich--and his emphasis on design and form leave an imprint on our memory.  His paintings ultimately serve his purpose, to convey personal, expressive, unforgettable responses to the scenes before him. 

A catalog with images of all paintings, and poems by poet Paul A. Winder, is available.

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Alexangel Estevez is best known for his passion for the great outdoors. Whether it is landscapes or cityscapes, his eyes capture the scene and his imagination explores the details of nature that may otherwise elude others. He enjoys being swept away with awe-inspiring views. He uses clouds as one way to express emotion in his paintings. As an artist, he expresses himself through oils on canvas…by pushing and pulling the paint and capturing moments in nature. His goal is to take the viewer on that same journey he had and to experience the scene as he did.

Alexangel’s interest in the arts started at a young age in East Los Angeles. In 2006 he moved to the east coast to pursue his career in visual fine arts and attended Howard Community College in Columbia, Maryland. There he double majored in Studio Art and Graphic Design. He was awarded an AA in Fine Arts in 2008. Alexangel was then accepted at the School of the Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond VA. In 2011, he was awarded his BFA degree cum laude with a major in Graphic Design. Alex’s works are exhibited in Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia and Florida galleries. The English Romantic painter John Constable has had a major influence in Alex’s paintings.

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5125 MacArthur Blvd., NW

Suite 17

Washington, DC 20016

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