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Swoon: Wholeness In Mind

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Friday, 28 May 2021 to Sunday, 11 July 2021
Friday, 28 May 2021 - 5:00pm


MAY 28, 2021; Santa Fe, New Mexico – Turner Carroll Gallery will open a solo exhibition for Swoon from May 28th through July 11.


To swoon is to enter a state of rapture or ecstasy

“SWOON is an agent for change powered by Caledonia Dance Curry, and her empathy for humanity is boundless and borderless. Consistently using her art practice to foster healing, even referring to it as a balm, she has built shelter, creative jobs, and opportunities for therapeutic recovery from trauma through her community-based compassion projects. Her approach is inclusive, authentic and, working as a catalyst for positivity, the momentum she’s built is incomparable in the art world.” Juxtapoz magazine interview by Kristin Farr

Caledonia Dance Curry, whose work appears under the name Swoon, is a Brooklyn-based artist known as the first woman to gain large-scale recognition in the male-dominated world of street art. As a fearless art student at Pratt Institute, Callie took to the streets of New York and illicitly pasted her achingly empathetic portraits to walls and buildings. She inspired an entire generation of female street artists.

Swoon’s street art portraits have appeared throughout the world: on the Berlin Wall, on the wall separating Palestine from Israel, in Varanasi in India, Ukraine, China, Brazil, Italy, Indonesia, Haiti, and Mexico, among others locales. Today, Callie’s work can be found on the sides of buildings worldwide and is given both permanent and transient homes in the top museums of the world, including New York’s Museum of Modern Art, the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston, the Tate Modern, the Brooklyn Museum, the State Russian Museum, and the São Paulo Museum of Art. Most recently, she has begun using film animation to explore the boundaries of visual storytelling. 

The exhibition at Turner Carroll Gallery marks Swoon’s debut appearance in Santa Fe, and she’ll likely make her presence regionally known. The Turner Carroll exhibition features not only the block print on paper images, but also mixed media grand scale works on wood, and a new body of drawings that will be seen for the first time.


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