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IN A WORD: Text Based Art



In a Word:  Text Based Art. Show will run March 8 through April 13.

Painting, Sculpture, Interactive Installation by:


Bob Alderette, Doris Bittar, Max Cabler, Shizuko Greenblatt, Betsy Lohrer Hall, Susan Porteous, Nouha Sinno, Theodore Svenningsen, Steve Wolkoff


Found books as both subject matter and raw material;  delicate, repeated marks of gouache on paper;   current environmental or socio-political concerns approached in an abstract, lyrical way;  an extrusion process to create 1,000 versions of a word in three-dimensional acrylic paint, assembled dry words into a pile; book cover paintings using text, ideas located in social and cultural forms; art that tests a pattern's veracity to see if it may act as an identifying unit of culture;  cultural DNA; transformed elements and traditional Japanese symbolism; calligraphy of Japanese characters in a contemporary expressionistic style; commitment to the Arabic language and legacy parallels the commitment to art, learning and beauty; pants with poems cut into them, the participants are the performers and more! 

Featured Artist:  New Work by Michael Freitas Wood, “Moment of Change”

Portrait of the Artist:  Janice Weissman   

Photo Documentary of Outstanding South Bay Artists, by Gloria Plascencia.



Artist ( Description ): 


Featured Artist:  New Work by Michael Freitas Wood, “Moment of Change”



Michael Freitas Wood is one of the more adventurous gridmeisters around, spinning brilliant variations on a theme in his paintings and painted objects using unconventional mediums, including pigmented plaster and fiberglass grounds.  Wood’s paintings are a supercharged, dizzyingly colorful and complex.  Critic John Carver said “it’s like you put the whole last century of abstraction in the blender and pressed play, then sent it via internet teletransport to the center of your brain.”

Other Info: 

Special Event:  March 22, 5 – 7 pm

Earth Body.  Performance Art and Poetry


Performance by Edith Abeyta, Marco Schindelmann and Betsy Lohrer Hall


Poetry by Karen Holden and Jie Tian


Special Event:  Live Music:  April 5, 7 – 9 pm


“Will and the Wonts”

Will and the won’ts may be the best-named band in modern music.  From the foot-stomping to the heart-breaking to the thought- provoking, Will and company deliver fresh-faced folk tunes that both you and your grandpa will agree on (after all, you and your grandpa already wear the same clothes).



SBC offers Children’s and Adult’s Art Classes that relate to each changing exhibition.  We also offer Open Wall, inviting artists to submit artwork related to the theme of the current exhibition without jury.   Please go to for details on both programs.







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South Bay Contemporary Promotes Art Education by hosting Changing Art Exhibitions, workshops, artist talks, and other educational events in the South Bay and by collaborating with exisiting local arts and non profit organizations.


  Expand the availability of contemporary art in the South Bay area of Los Angeles.

  • Provide a relevant and active resource for community arts education.
  • Network with other area arts organizations and other nonprofit organizations to raise community awareness of what contemporary culture currently exists in the South Bay. 
  • SBC’s focus is on international, national and regional artists of note, as well as activist artists and artists whose work bridges art with design, media, humanities, science, and engineering. 
  • Use art events to promote the good works of other related nonprofit charitable. 
SoLA Contemporary , Los Angeles

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