VOLO: Ancient and Contemporary Visions of Flight

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Saturday, 15 December 2018
Saturday, 15 December 2018 - 6:00pm

“The action of now originates in an ancient and mysterious dream, a myth, an archetype without which there would be nothing.” - Filippo Ermini

“Air to Air” displacement was developed in collaboration between the artists Patricia von Ah and Filippo Ermini exploring visual motion and audio frequencies in velocity. Dealing with physical perception, shared visions of human flight and gravity.

The exhibition and installation presents a path in time & space and shared moments of flight through mixed media, photography, POV films, audio frequencies and a 20 minute making of film. The exhibit connects and separates perceptions from a full experience of physical and acoustic flight to a point zero, silence. The shared visions of flight were captured in Lauterbrunnen, one of the most impressive valleys in the Swiss Alps. Between gigantic rock faces and mountain peaks you find the village tucked into a valley with thundering waterfalls, massive glaciers and views of summits towering up to 13’000 ft.

Patricia von Ah was born in San Diego, California and graduated from Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles. She is currently based in Switzerland and works internationally as a fine art, advertising, fashion and editorial photographer and filmmaker. As an artist, she works with photography and film exploring: displacement, chirality, transition, offing, skin and circles of confusion.

Filippo Ermini was born in Rome, Italy. As an artist he explores the topics: The experience of silence; The idea (vision and physical perception) of space; The awareness and use of the body as essential/primary tool; The concept of limit and form (transformation); The chiaroscuro, epiphany of form; Intensity as measure of possibility and authenticity; Nature. He studied medicine at the University Di Roma “La Sapienza” and has achieved over 1600+ jumps from planes, helicopters, balloons, bridges, para-gliders and cliffs.


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2525 Michigan Ave. Unit F2

Santa Monica CA, 90404


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