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"Survival Mechanisms" Francisco Alvarado and Kristine Schomaker in Conversation



Saturday, 30 July 2022
Saturday, 30 July 2022 - 3:00pm

**This is an online only event** 

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Artist Talk July 30, 2022 3pm PST

On view July 30 - August 26 via

During the pandemic I watched Francisco Alvarado experiment, play with, be challenged by the digital world of art. Characters popped up in his work based on himself and others. He was telling the story of life on lockdown, his heritage, our ever changing and dangerous world and how he deals with all of this. Using various 3D programs he created models who emulate ourselves but are always searching for a better world. The virtual one? These characters cope, adjust, survive. Francisco escaped the physical world of painting to tell a deeper story of resilience and perseverence. The story is always growing and changing, but so does life.

I immediately saw a connection with my own work in the virtual world of Second Life. I created my character Gracie Kendal at a time when I was suffocating in life, struggling to thrive and just plain lost. Gracie helped me survive, experiment, play, love. She told my story of my eating disorder and helped me understand it. I used Gracie to cope with life and grow.

This is an online two-person exhibition between Francisco and I where we tell the stories of how we survive through/with/by/because of our art.

Artist ( Description ): 

Born in Ecuador, Francisco Alvarado's journey as an artist began when he was six years old. In the early 80’s, Francisco’s interest in technology, especially the introduction of the Apple computer, gave him a new tool to create art and he learned to code.

This decision helped him develop a career working for the Entertainment Industry.

Combining his experiences, traditional paintings and Digital Technology, Francisco began to exhibit in the Los Angeles area in 2009.

Francisco work has shown up at a variety of location, most recently: Los Angeles Art Association LAA825, Torrance Art Museum, City of Torrance - Cultural Arts Commission, Call and Response - Collaboration at a Distance, Solo show at the Monica Film Center in Santa Monica, Solo show at the Vista Library in Vista CA , Coastline Community College Art Gallery, ChimMaya Art Gallery, East LA, Artist & Researcher 2 at the Hoyt Gallery USC Keck School of Medicine, Norco College Art Gallery, The Kellogg University Art Gallery, The Pasadena Art Show , Neutra Institute Gallery & Museum, SLAC (SILVER LAKE ART COLLECTIVE), INK AND CLAY 38 - Kellogg Gallery Exhibitions, Gallery H of Phantom Galleries LA in Hawthorne CA, Offramp Gallery, Armory Center for the Arts, Project_210 Gallery.

Francisco continues to create and show his work both in Los Angeles and on social networks.

Kristine Schomaker is a multidisciplinary artist, art historian, publisher and mentor living and working at the Brewery artist complex in Los Angeles, California. She earned her BA in Art History and MA in Studio Art from California State University at Northridge where she studied under Betty Ann Brown and Samantha Fields. In 2014 Kristine founded Shoebox PR, a support network that focuses on creating community and offering mentorship and resources to artists.

Kristine is also the publisher of Art and Cake, a contemporary L.A. Art Magazine focusing on underrepresented artists and exhibitions. Kristine has taught art history at Antelope Valley College and Pasadena City College and has organized and curated numerous art exhibitions throughout Southern California. Kristine is currently the president of the CSUN Arts Alumni Association.

Exhibiting her work since the late 1990’s, Kristine has been featured in numerous exhibitions including most recently, group shows at Golden West College, Coastline Community College, Keystone Art Space, LAVA Projects, San Diego Art Institute, Launch LA, Surrogate Projects, 18th Street Art Center, Durden and Ray, USC Keck, Blue Roof Studios, Monte Vista Projects, Finishing Concepts, PØST, Brainworks Gallery, BLAM, MuseuMM; Torrance Art Museum, I-5 Gallery, Angel City Brewery. She has also had these solo exhibitions: “Plus” at Ark Gallery in Altadena and Moorpark Community College, “Mirror, Mirror!” Gallery H Phantom Galleries LA, Hawthorne, California, “A Comfortable Skin,” Kerckhoff Hall Art Gallery UCLA, presented by UCLA Cultural Arts Commission, Los Angeles, California and “Ce n’est pas une peinture,” TRACTIONARTS, Los Angeles, California.

Venue ( Address ):

Shoebox PR , Los Angeles

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