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The New Arts Foundation presents: High as the Sky




Saturday, 20 August 2022 to Sunday, 21 August 2022
Saturday, 20 August 2022 - 5:00pm

The New Arts Foundation is pleased to present 'High as the Sky', a group exhibition of fourteen artists working in installation, sculpture, performance, animation, photo, and video. 'High as the Sky' thinks critically in a way that advances positions rather than restating them, and uses art as an energy to invite, provoke, and create space. Artists include: Rodrigo Arruda, Joachim Castaneda, Siena Foster-Soltis, Kristofor Giordano, Elizabeth Herring, Leila Jarman, Antonio Okun, Minga Opazo, Yana Pan, Stephanie Quirola, Gert Resinger, Hal Roeser, Anny Wass, and Yanbin Zhao. The show is curated by Greg Jenkins and is funded in part by an arts grant from the City of West Hollywood. Proceeds benefit the Trevor Project, a WeHo-based mental health organization for LGBTQ youth.

'High as the Sky' takes place at the historic Great Hall/Long Hall complex in West Hollywood's Plummer Park (1200 N Vista St, West Hollywood, CA 90046). 

The opening on Saturday, August 20th from 5p-9p will include performances, refreshments, and music.

For tickets and more information, please visit:

Venue ( Address ): 

1200 N Vista St., West Hollywood, CA 90046

The New Arts Foundation , Los Angeles

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The New Arts Foundation presents: High as the Sky
08/20/2022 to 08/21/2022


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