LIFE. Collage and Photography by Poul Lange.

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Sunday, 5 November 2017 to Sunday, 10 December 2017
Sunday, 5 November 2017 -
5:00pm to 9:00pm

Collagist and photographer Poul Lange creates a collection of thoughts and observations about life, the one thing we have in common — at least for the time being.

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It is simple things: a leaf from a tree, a petal of a flower, a page from a long discarded book, a fragment of a broken musical instrument. But when put together, they take on meanings and start telling stories. Poul Lange comes from a literary background of book jackets and illustrated books, so it should be no surprise that his collages and assemblages can be read and interpreted, if you take your time. Formed with both words and images, the meaning you’ll find are not unequivocal; most likely you’ll end up with your own unique interpretation since the language is better suited for contemplation than for bold-faced statements.

Born in Denmark, but with residence in the US for a couple of decades, Lange recently moved from New York to Downtown LA. Living close to the Los Angeles Flower market, he has recently found great inspiration in the botanical world.

Poul Lange has exhibited in both Europe and USA, where his inaugural show in New York’s SoHo was "1998—Held Together By Glue”, a diary-collection of 365 collages.

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814 S. Spring Street, LA, CA 90014

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