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Americana Folk-Pop with According to Bazooka

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Sunday, 11 April 2021

All ages, free event: Join According to Bazooka for a concert of irresistibly catchy folky-pop original tunes. Enjoy the open market Vintage Crafts Fair of crafters, artists, upcyclers and vintage sellers.

California folk pop band According to Bazooka writes original music inspired by life in the Sacramento Valley. Their Americana Pop sound is a little bit folky, a little bit jazzy with pop, rock & roll sensibilities. The result is a unique sound and an inviting musical experience. Lush harmony, guitar, harmonica, accordion, upright bass and drums bring these songs to life with a timeless retro-pop vibe that blends catchy melodies with well crafted lyrics and authentic stories. 

According to Bazooka’s vibrant indie-folk-pop infused sound blurs the lines of rock, folk, blues, jazz, pop and zydeco. Their unique show features well-crafted tunes, rich harmonies and irresistible "retro-pop" melodies.

This fusion of sound grew out of the original instrumentation of the band which included an accordion and a bouzouki, hence the name According to Bazooka. Band members Don Johnston, Jamie Knapp, René Martucci, and Richard Urbino bring together a varied group of influences that draws heavily from the classic Bay Area, California sound. 

Their unique vintage instruments always grab the attention of the audience both visually and sonically. It is quite inventive to find an accordion, upright bass, and random percussion instruments, mixed with elegant 3 part vocal harmonies. 

An amazing art of storytelling lifts According to Bazooka to an even higher place. They write songs that every listener can relate to while happily swaying along. Catchy, singable songs with an ‘easy come, easy go’ perspective on the absurdities of life that we all share. 

With three full length albums already released (Easy Come, Easy Go (2015), Where We Are Now (2017), and The Devil's in the Details (2019), According to Bazooka has headed back to Moon Studio with David Houston to work on a brand new record. Prepare to open your mind and ears for the fun explosion of sound that is According to Bazooka!

Sacramento News & Review music award nominations:

According to Bazooka SAMMIES nominations:

2018, 2019, 2020 Best Folk/Bluegrass band

2019, 2020 Best Singer Songwriter Richard Urbino

Venue ( Name ):

Venue ( Address ): 

301 C street

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