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Thursday, 10 November 2022 to Saturday, 12 November 2022
Monday, 10 October 2022 - 6:15pm to 9:15pm

Sister Midnight Film Festival: Cult Cinema & Psychic Programming

Mystery Projects is pleased to announce…Sister Midnight: a Los Angeles-based festival. Come to see spellbinding short films, immersive art installations, live music & DJ sets, tarot readings, tattoos and more…

3 nights only! November 10–12, 2022 taking place from 6pm- 2 am at 314 W 58th St #230, Los Angeles CA. Tickets available at 

Audience members will find themselves in a sensory, spiritual multimedia spectacle that offers revelatory explorations of the thrilling, the metaphysical, and the surreal. The programming includes creations from over two dozen international and local filmmakers, artists, and musicians who face and reinterpret the collective shadow as a path toward the integration of a higher cosmic reality. 

Sister Midnight Film Festival carries forth the legacy of the midnight movie. Midnight movies featured back-to-back late-night showings of low budget horror, science fiction, and thriller films. Set in their counter cultural contexts, and later known as “exploitation films” the non-mainstream features of the midnight movie attracted esoteric, punk, and rowdy crowds that formed a cult-like following. Mystery Projects Invites attendees to the screening inside a film studio to resurrect the joy of the theater with an intriguing array of films laced with characters who dive full force into strangely scary, and enigmatic moments of revelation. 


The artworks in Sister Midnight’s art gallery includes: Two installations by local artist Sean Noyce, Tiffany Livingston, as well as Paris-based Laurent Anastay Ponsolle’s “Vampire Lust.” The exhibition also features selections from artist Grace Mcgrade and Alexandra Gonzalez contributes “Searching Eyes…” 


Imbued with the legacy of cult cinema, psychic channeling, and rock ’n’ roll—Sister Midnight welcomes all to the shared nocturnal experience of collective shadow work through art forms, reviving, and deepening Los Angeles’s roots in counter cultural practices. 

Line Up:

 I Wake Up Screaming by Chris O’Neill, 2019, Ireland; Prakop (The Outbreak) by Samay Dixit, 2020, India; Blood Ties by Asena Nour & Melis Ece, 2021, United Kingdom; Le Monolithe Abandonné by Andres Komatsu, 2020, France; Their Families Are Sleeping by Maximilian Suillerot, 2022,Canada; Whispers in the Water by Onyou Oh, 2020, South Korea; Emmet Street by Krista Leigh Steinke, 2021, USA;  Crowned & Conquering by Zareh Tjeknavorian, 2019, USA; Here or There by Tyler-Marie Evans, 2021, USA; La Madone by Achille Bocquier, 2021, France; Grief Kink by Sarah Turner, 2022, USA; Dreams Can't Hurt You by Chris O’Neill, 2020, Ireland; Everybody Dies by Anderson Matthew, 2021, USA; A Place in Hell by Nic Altobelli, 2021, Canada; Diabolical Mind by Raphael Fabre, 2021, France; Bad Bitches by Johan Gayraud, 2021, FranceAstro Tarot by Alex The Brown, 2021, USA; The Grave Between You & Me by Colette Weber Shaw, 2022, USA; Jajo                                              
by Nora Wendt, 2020, Germany; TOTAL FREAKOUT!                                          
by Primordial Freak, 2022, USA

Music performances by: 

Vali S.C.,  Sinple, and L. Coats.


The Personalist and Wicked Ladies.

Venue ( Address ): 

314 w 58th st #230, los angeles, CA 90037

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11/10/2022 to 11/12/2022


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