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Partners Crossing Boundaries Reception

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Saturday, 17 February 2018
Saturday, 17 February 2018 - 5:00pm

Join the Artist of Partners Crossing Boundaries; an in-depth look at the dynamic art duo of Nicole Lemelin and Terrance DePietro of Palenville. Reaching for the ‘extra’ beyond the Extraordinary through their Art. Antagonism, Unity, Harmony:  A creative dynamic duo’s North American response to Mythic Thinking.Striving to create the opportunity where both artist and viewer can relate fully to an image and its ‘narative’ without prejudice by a third party, their journey encourages use of one’s independent imagination. This show promises to be a full experience of what creative partnership offers.  Now showing in the South Gallery. Artist’s Reception on Saturday, February 17th. 5-7:30pm

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Since the early 70’s, Terrance DePietro has been exhibiting in group and one-person shows internationally - New York, Paris, Quebec and Montreal City. His primary studio is in Palenville, New York for more than forty years. For over thirty-five years, his work involves issues that spring forth from subjects of 'otherness' and the 'Abstract-Sublime.’ His process traces the evolution of a set of images in several mediums: Oil painting, watercolor, block printing, photography, writing and uses the latest digital tools and technologies to reconcile between internal and external. What we know, perceive, feel, imagine, and what we can or cannot conceptualize are all captured through his leap from one medium to the next. His achievement culminates in the unique impressions shown, the ultimate leap between traditional mediums applied through new method.

Nicole Lemelin’s interest spans from exploration to interpretation, addressing the paradox between research and stamen. Her work and expertise traces through decades of exploration into the unconscious, imagination, and language of image beyond the issue of ‘feeling.’ Each piece becomes a marker, a fragment of reality, arrived at through a creative process and interpretation after the fact, apart from any subjectivity of the artist while allowing complete freedom of interpretation by the viewer. Born in Quebec City, Lemelin maintains studios in both Montreal, PQ and Palenville NY. During the early 1990s she was part of the avant grade exhibits at Gallery Rouge in Quebec City and by the mid-90s had connected with similar minded artists, working in the Hudson Valley of New York. At the turn of the millennium, she was part of the Cross Street Gallery stable of painters and exhibited in the gallery’s major exhibits, curated by Bernard X Bovasso, involving expressionistic paintings of the abstract nature.    

518 734 6850

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5380 Main street, Windham, NY 12496

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