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Urban Landscapes

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Thursday, 6 May 2021 to Sunday, 6 June 2021

J. Mane Gallery is pleased to present its 3rd Urban Landscapes International Online Juried Art Exhibition. 

Landscapes in art are about capturing spaces within our world.  Sometimes vast.  Sometimes microscopic.  

For this competition we asked artists to show their best Urban Landscapes.  They were encouraged to share their artistic vision and interpretation of the cities around them. The artwork submitted varied from realism to surrealism to abstraction, and all media were accepted, including 3-D. All artists over the age of 18, regardless of location or experience, were encouraged to submit their best inspired work. We received entries from artists residing in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Australia, Germany and Italy.

Each of our themed exhibitions, awards for First, Second and Third Place.  The First Place winner for the 3rd Urban Landscapes show is Allan Gorman for his oil on canvas, Crown. Allan’s painting has elements of a strong design, such as simplicity, and the use of leading lines to guide the viewer's eye. Allan is also the Featured Artist for the next four weeks.

Taking Second Place is Sadie Roy for Fire Escape. Sadie’s dramatic use of black and white photography support the mood of the subject, and her unique point of view and composition make this a stand out image. And, Third Place goes to Sam Lacombe for his oil, LA Vista.  Sam’s effective is the use of color and contrast enhance the overall mood and visual impact of the image.

Honorable Mention awards were given as well. Honorable Mention awards go to Karl Bibler for his photo, Schaumburg, Illinois #1, Celeste Christie for her Untitled piece, Sandra Dalton for her photo, Popcorn, Brandi Foster for her photo, Downtown Baltimore, Cheryl Kramer for her oil, Looking Up, Irena Roman for her transparent watercolor, Irving’s, Toni Silver-Delerive for her acrylic, NY Water Tanks, and Steven Watkins for his acrylic, London Heat. Please visit the Monthly Winners Page to learn more about each of these award winning artists and to contact them directly about their work.

We thank all the competition participants. 

If you are interested in purchasing any of the artwork in this exhibition, please contact the artists directly. J. Mane Gallery does not enter into the selling of artwork featured in any of the monthly online exhibitions. You will find the artist's website or email by clicking on their images below.

Thank you for visiting our website and enjoy the exhibition!

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