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2nd Annual All Women Art Show




Monday, 19 August 2019 to Thursday, 19 September 2019

J. Mane Gallery is pleased to present its 2nd Annual All Women International Online Juried Art Exhibition. 

Women artists have been making art throughout history, however their work, when compared to their male counterparts, tends to be overlooked and undervalued.  Women artists are often faced with challenges due to gender biases in the fine art world.

Therefore,  we are honoring women artists.  We invited artists to submit work that best represents themselves as artists.  All artists over the age of 18, regardless of location or experience, are encouraged to submit their best art and photography.

Each of our themed exhibitions, awards for First, Second and Third Place.  The First Place winner for the 2nd Annual All Women show is Alayne Sahar for her watercolor, Cloud Gazers. Alayne’s excellent command of the medium and composition are what set her work apart. Alayne is also the Featured Artist for the next four weeks.

Taking Second Place is Leah Dockrill for her mixed media collage, A Woman Of Influence. Leah’s use of color, pattern, and shape draw the curiosity of the viewer. And, Third Place goes to Rosemary Lee for her watercolor, Interchange.  The calming colors and movement created by the technique with the medium creates an abstract world.

Honorable Mention awards were given as well. Honorable Mention awards go to Adriana Calichio for her oil painting, Finding Myself, Lindsey Grant for her photograph, Buick In The Rain, Lynette Henderson for Dogs With Tar Pits, Shelley Hudson for Moving Day, Minnie Lucas for her photograph, Persephone, Hildy Maze for Fantastic Resignation, Barbara Mellin for her etching and ink, Irish Dancer Celtic Knots, Denisa Prochazka for her sculpture, Metamorphosis, Amy Raudenbush for her watercolor, Quinn On Mandolin, and Fangjun (Rosemary) Ye for her acrylic, Self-Portrait. Please visit the Monthly Winners Page to learn more about each of these award winning artists and to contact them directly about their work.

The remaining artists included in the exhibition serve as an example of impressive talent and we are honored to showcase their artwork on the J. Mane Gallery website.

We thank all the competition participants. 

If you are interested in purchasing any of the artwork in this exhibition, please contact the artists directly. J. Mane Gallery does not enter into the selling of artwork featured in any of the monthly online exhibitions. You will find the artist's website or email by clicking on their images below.

Thank you for visiting our website and enjoy the exhibition!

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J. Mane Gallery , voorhees

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