Turn of a Slip

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Friday, 20 October 2017 to Thursday, 30 November 2017
Friday, 20 October 2017 - 5:00pm

Eric Sall

Turn of a Slip

October 20th – November 30th 2017


Eric Sall's paintings embody fluid gesture, emblematic shape, and eccentric pattern to create abstract canvases that are seemingly familiar yet distinctly individual.

Ranging from the intimate to the monumental, Sall's signature, sophisticated approach employs an open characteristic throughout. 


Combining geometric shapes with gestural abstraction, pattern, and movement, Sall’s paintings are impactful and always interesting.  The work does not give you all its got at first glance.  Meaning emerges through use of clever titles that parallel the imagery, from canvas to canvas and from past to present.  

Eric Sall received a BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute and an MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University. Sall is the recipient of an Art in Architecture commission from the General Services Administration, a Joan Mitchell Foundation Grant, a Virginia Museum of Fine Art Fellowship, and a Charlotte Street Fund Award. Eric is currently residing in Tulsa, OK, as a fellow of The Tulsa Artist Fellowship, a program of the George Kaiser Family Foundation.


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Embracing process and material, I make non-objective paintings that convey a sense of physicality, form, movement, and mood. While I have been influenced by a range of painters both abstract and representational, I find inspiration in nature, in things such as changing light, saturated color, the power of weather, and the open landscape. Scale is important to me. Monumental forms both man-made and naturally occurring have an undeniable presence, and I often make large scale paintings to achieve a feeling of grandeur.


Yet there is something intriguing to me about intimacy and craftsmanship as well, especially in the domestic--the everyday things that we live with which affect our lives. I am drawn to pattern and order. As a collector of handmade textiles, I am moved by the sheer beauty and enigmatic power these things can have.


            -I believe that paintings can exude there own mysterious power as images and as objects and as experiences.


Part of my painting process is intuitive and improvisational, resulting in ethereal atmospheres and physical sweeping gestures, while another aspect can be more calculated and tedious, mimicking the methods of pattern making and surface decoration more commonly associated with craft and design. Through a process of call and response, I add layers of paint to the canvas and then scrape, pull, subtract, re-build, dismantle and reconstruct again, creating paintings that are at once strangely familiar, yet decidedly non-representational.


Painting is now nearly second nature to me, though it is still a constant negotiation between bringing out the potential in the material and submitting to its inherent physical properties. In this way I view painting as a somewhat spiritual pursuit. My paintings can have vastly different looks to them. Some are soft and beautiful, others are tough and hard to look at. They are almost always difficult for me to define in words. Regardless of the results, painting remains for me one of the most direct forms of communicating non-verbal ideas that I have. In painting I am constantly asking questions that I usually cannot answer, and it is in this pursuit of the unknown where I find meaning in my life and attempt to make sense of the world around me.



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20 South Lewis Avenue, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 74104

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