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Shades of Red 2023 Awards!



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Friday, 7 July 2023 to Saturday, 7 October 2023

Thank you to all that participated in this event & congratulations to the award recipients! The artwork for this exhibition has been selected and voted on by three jurors based on theme, quality of work and technical skill.  This visual arts competition was a call for red, shades of red or red as a focal point.  Learn more about the artist, inspiration behind the art and a link to their website by clicking on the images within the virtual exhibition.  Link provided below.  We hope you enjoy the award show!

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Best in Show
Pamela Siik

Gold Awards
A. Debra Reich Schwalm, Cynthia Pinot

Silver Awards
Cher Pruys, David Haley, DeeAnn Pershin, Elbe van Rooyen, Guy Munsch, Linda McCord, Lisa Stanko, Mark Kaufman, Sandra Pipken

Bronze Awards
Allyson Valentine, At Nap, Barbara Mink, Brett Cassort, Bridget Davet, Carol McDonald, Charlotte Fraser, Doug Testa, Edwin Liew Ferguson, Izabel Dagenais, Joseph Liberti, Kathy Granger Tucker, Kevin Lahvic, Kharris B, Larry Brandstetter, Lillianne Daigle, Linda McCord, Lupina Poi Haney, Marjorie Moskowitz, Mary Alice Ortio, Massimo Nuzzolo, Mehdi Babadi, Michelle Sullivan, Natalie Oliphant, Pamela Siik, Priscilla Banuelos, Linda Harrison, Ricky Montilla, Robin Lazarus Berlin, Shannon Taggart, Sheila Grabarsky, Stephen Mimms, Tim Frazier, Ulrike Neuhaus

Finalist Awards
Adrienne Watts, Alexander Barker, Belinha Silva, Byron Z. Tripp, Carmen Ileana Ionescu, Carrie Bertschy, Ceal Swift, Cecilia Liu, Chan Chen Yang, Cher Pruys, Christine Booras, Christine Truhe, Colin Hayes, Conn Ryder, Craig S Glass, Dawn Hudgins, Dean Grissom, Debbie Blackburn, Debbie Tracey, Deborah Holmes, Emily Bolton, Estelle Asmodelle, Faith Ramsey, Frankie Jean Koger, Harsha Rodage, Janna Blackburn, Jesse Currier, Jill Partington, Joel Richard Armstrong, John H Diephouse, John Laue, Karen Dearden, Katie Terrell, Kim Perdu, Lorraine Roberts, Maizianne, Marc Ward, Marina Burana, Mark Koster, Mary Hope White Headlee, Patrcia Abreu, Peggy A Bloomer, Priscilla Nelson, Renee C. DiNapoli, Richard Rodriguez, Rob Snyder, Robbie Lasky, Rodney Usback, Susan Murray, Veronica Russo

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See the virtual exhibition.  Link provided below.

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Camelback Gallery , Scottsdale

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