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Shades of Blue 2022 Exhibition



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Monday, 7 February 2022 to Saturday, 7 May 2022

The artwork for this exhibition was selected by Jury from Camelback Gallery's Shades of Blue 2022 International Juried Visual Arts Competition.  Three jurors selected and voted on the artwork based on the number of entries, originality, quality of work, followed by technical skill.  Thank you to all of the artists whom entered so many amazing artworks!

Artists represented in this show are from the USA, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, China, United Kingdom,  Germany, Ukraine, France, Africa, Israel, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, India, Norway, Bulgaria and Qatar.  Thank you to all that participated in this event & congratulations to the award recipients. 

Best in Show Platinum receives $100 cash award, main page slider promotion at CB, published artwork at, news story at Art Base, digital art registration at Art Chain and entry into CB’s 2022 Artwork of the Year Award. Gold Award of Excellence receives $25.00 each cash award.  Other awards include Top 14 Award Video and all award recipients receive 3-month online group exhibition of their work, social media exposure, Art Week and Art Base exhibition publication, e-blast announcement and official award certificate.

Artist ( Description ): 

Best in Show Platinum Award
Charles Osaro

Gold Award of Excellence
Qingfeng Ge, Yael Maimon, Paulo Delgado, Alexej Sachov

Silver Awards
Philippe Giroux, Michele Doucette, Camilla David, Lam Jasmine Bauman, Toni Silber-Delerive, Paula Maxheim, Severn Wang, Katie Vasbinder, Kate Kutsevol

Bronze Awards
Congbo Wang, Beverly Carlson Bradshaw, Dina Klumbys, Yue Zeng, Nick Rasmussen, Torea J Frey, Pamela S Conley, Oenone Hammersley, Mahfuzur Rahman, Linda McCord, Leo Tujak, Lam Jasmine Bauman, Kelley Batson Howard, Kayla L Prigg, Kay Carlson, Karen L Kirshner, Jimmy Nkutu, Jason Hugger, Jeff Gao, Irina Movchan, Jennifer S Lange, Debra Zuzindlak Tobin, Elise Grindle, Duff Jennings, Denise Clark Weston, Cynthia Castillo (Casty), Chu Xue, Cindy Ruskin, Christine O'Dell-Ferguson, Cher Davis, Charles Compo, Chan Chok Ki, Carol McDonald, Bill R Nagel, Brett Dalziel, Barbara Krupp, Arlene Buster, Angela Julian Bertrand, Ann Debra Reich Schwalm, Anastasia Mukhina, Caroline Huet

Walter Jakubowski, Wendy J McLaughlin, Steve Seagren, Anastasia Podareva, Zhihao Mo, Zhang Wei, Yali Hajhassan, Val Hubbard, Kadal Kanni, Virginia Toriello, TJ Holyfield, Zaira Dzhaubaeva, Phoenix, Olga Rogovets, Patty Younger, Nikita Thakur, Myrta Köhler, Liu Wu, Mari Aaronsouth, Linda Hansen, Linda C Paul, Laurie Rangel, Kselma Randvald, Laurence J Platman, Laurie Range, Kathy Granger Tucker, Kathie Miller, Karen Gaetz Denman, John Kotos, Judith Rhue, John H Diephouse, Jennifer Kish, Jesse Payne, Jay Johansen, Irina Movchan, Heather Dittmar, Heather Bethurum, Haiyang Yu, Grace Diehl, Frank Soenke Haseloff, Emily Lewis, Elle McCarthy, DLav, Cynthia  Eral, Dana Uzwiak, Chasity Colón, Chana Snyder, Cindy Rothery, C.A. Ketz, Anna Miller, Anne Stine, Andreas Koschan, Elle Cee

Venue ( Address ): 

Virtual Award Exhibition

Camelback Gallery , Scottsdale

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