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Jocelyne Bouchard receives Best in Show Award!



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Wednesday, 12 June 2024 to Thursday, 12 September 2024

Congratulations to Jocelyne Bouchard! Joycelyn's artwork was selected by jury for the Best in Show award in Camelback Gallery's 7th annual, Shades of Green 2024 International Art Awards! Congratulations.

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Artist locale: Canada

Title of work: Le bihoreau et la tortue

Medium: Oil

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Artist Statement

Living in the same environment, two very different beings asked themselves for a moment: friends or enemies? Feeling the more fragile of the two, the turtle instinctively began the dialogue in order to turn the tide and confront his fear. “I warn you that my old shell is tougher than your young beak, moreover, my experience of the place can serve your stomach better than my nutritional value alone. I can easily tell you where it is; she adds, the most succulent foods in this marsh, with my slowness I have observed for years everything that happens and settles in the neighborhood. Let's find harmony among ourselves, respect our swamp - rather than fight and destroy and we will have a long and pleasant existence. I cannot conclude by saying that the wader listened to this strange elder, not having enough knowledge of biology. But by observing this particular scene, I grasped a connection between our planet and their swamp. We still have the chance to find common ground among us who are not so different from each other, but what will we choose: friends or enemies?

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Virtual event. Link to the exhibition provided below.

Camelback Gallery , Scottsdale

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