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Faces 2023 International Juried Painting Exhibition



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Saturday, 8 April 2023 to Saturday, 8 July 2023

Painting by Daniel Sorensen, Best in Show.

Thank you to all that participated in this event & congratulations to the award recipients! The artwork for this exhibition has been selected and voted on by three jurors based on the theme "close-up" faces of persons or animals, originality, quality of work and technical skill.   Learn more about the artist, inspiration behind the art and a link to their website by visiting the link provide below! Artist's represented in this exhibition are from USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, China, Germany, Spain, Israel, Bangladesh, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Romania, Turkey, Russia & Czech Republic.

Artist ( Description ): 

Best in Show
Daniel Sorensen

Gold Awards
Giddy Richt, Qiao Pengfei

Sliver Awards
Andy Steinbauer, Bonnie Sheckter, Christine Cavataio, Cindy Berceli, Helena Barbagelata, Joel Mitnick, Jules Kobelin, LaRon Williams, Neal Smith Willow, Peggy Liebenow, Tracy Frein, Wang Meng

Bronze Awards
Amy Giacomelli, Avery Anderson, Carina Imbrogno, Cher Pruys, Chris Parratt, Dalinda Holbert, Daniel Sorensen, David Haley, Dingming Zhang, Dominique Therrien, Francesca Comparin, Gabriela Thiecke, Gina Judy, Hyun Ho Hwang, James A. Peterson, Janelle Bloudek, Jingbin Sun, Joel Armstrong, Linda McCord, Marion Hatcher, Nancy Jacey, Nathan Opp, Pamela Cuddihy, Petra Heierman Beaukova, Rafee Mahmud, Shai Yossef, Sheryl Unwin, Susanne Reske, Suzanne Johnson, Tracy Frein, Victor Mordasov, Yan Zi

Angela Parr, Anne-Marie Bloor, AvRaam, Bridget Davet, Bryce Nicholson, Byron Tripp, Daniele Desourdy, Darlene L. Holman, Dingming Zhang, Donna Atwood, Douglas F. Greer, Elisabeth Eaton, Elizaveta Akimova, Emily Bolton, Emily Lewis, Erum Rasul, Fang Zuhan, Francesca Comparin, Giddy Richt, Gigi Silver, Gilberto Mello, Hannah Pauley, Heaven Roeland, Isabella C Lares, Janet Whitehead, Jarod A Hamley, Joel Mitnick, Johnce Parrish, Joseph Mandel, Kathy Corey, Kriszta Égei, Krys Von Tornado, Lauren E Grisoni, Lesa Shaw, Li Zhengwei, Linda M Mathew, Liu Fengqi, Lynn Kibbe, Marcie Serber, Mariia Raskin, Massimo Nuzzolo, Mgr. Larisa Bubela, Qiao Pengfei, Richard Lopez, Robin Rudolph, Robyn Wall, Rusty Branscom, Ruth Nealon, Sarah Doyle, Sebastian Guzman, Silvia Schmidtova, Steve Miller, Tanya Momi, Teresa, Tyler Nachtman, Vasu Tolia, Wang Meng, Wei Xu, Xu Zhengn, Youri Chasov

Other Info: 

Best in Show receives $100 cash award, main page slider promotion at CB, published artwork at, news story at Art Base, and entry into CB’s Artwork of the Year Award. Gold Award receives $50.00 cash award. Other awards include Top 15 Awards Video, 3-month online group exhibition, social media exposure, Art Week and Art Base exhibition publication, e-blast announcement and official award certificate.

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Camelback Gallery , Scottsdale

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