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April Street: The Mariners’ Grand Staircase (Armoured Stars, Flying Clouds)

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Sunday, 19 August 2018 to Sunday, 17 February 2019

Inaugurating the Park Projects series at SBMA is a site-specific installation by Los Angeles-based artist April Street. The installation takes its inspiration from the historic voyage of Navigator Eleanor Creesy and Captain Josiah Perkins Creesy in the clipper ship "Flying Cloud" (1851), which set a record by sailing from New York to San Francisco (traveling around Cape Horn in South America) in only 89 days. Comprising 12 three-dimensional paintings in a salon-style configuration, Street’s installation evokes the portrait wall of a grand staircase from ages past. It is also accompanied by sound—an original track by the artist and other actors that may also be construed as an abstracted conversation between the seafaring couple. Referencing history, exploration, mythology, and art history, Street’s work invents sublime parallels with both time and place.


"April Street: The Mariners’ Grand Staircase (Armoured Stars, Flying Clouds)" coincides with the artist’s residency at the Ridley-Tree Education Center at McCormick House and a series of interactive projects and environments designed by the artist, including “Deep Sky Objects made visible for Everyone,” a corresponding installation in SBMA’s Family Resource Center in fall 2018.

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1130 State Street, Santa Barara, CA, 93101

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