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Subdivision: A Solo Exhibition by Patricia Pauchnick

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Friday, 24 March 2017 to Friday, 14 April 2017
Friday, 24 March 2017 -
7:00pm to 11:00pm

Patricia Pauchnick will be debuting her solo art exhibition, Subdivision, at Merchants of Reality on Friday, March 24th, 2017. The reception will be held at the gallery, 285 9th Street in the SOMA district in San Francisco, from 7PM-11PM. It will be on view through April 14th.

With embroidery, ink paintings, and mixed media works, Patricia Pauchnick presents us with images of the suburban sprawl from a decidedly contemporary vantage point: the sky. Satellite technology, a cornerstone of our digital epoch, often creates distant, abstracted imagery of the planet, and offers a distinctly digital-age perspective of our familiar California landscapes.  The rich data mine of historical satellite imagery available via internet (most notably Google Earth), also allows us to see the progression of construction in California through the last thirty years.  Pauchnick’s work portrays human activity from this perspective, leading one to contemplate our effects on the land, natural resources, and to consider the nature of these large-scale, automobile dependent, corporately developed housing communities.

No matter the media she utilizes, Pauchnick’s scrupulously created pieces reveal her as an artist with a keen sense of aesthetic nuance with a naturalist’s eye for accuracy. The sheer vastness of the depictions bring to mind the magnitude of both our planet and the dwelling spaces humanity has amassed, yet the infinitesimal details invite the onlooker to see themselves in each piece, as one small part of an enormous sprawl. In this way, she makes these images, forged from the cold distance of space, intimate in a way as only work crafted from the human hand can be. Her ink paintings seem to reflect the work of a mid-20th century draftsman, carefully plotting the lines of yet another subdivision, while her embroideries bring to mind the long human tradition of manipulating land to serve our ends.

Pauchnick was born in San Diego’s rapidly developing East County in the late 1980’s, and earned her B.A. in Fine Art at San Francisco State University in 2012. Her work has been shown in San Francisco City Hall, Merchants of Reality, San Francisco State University, The Marin Society of Artists Gallery and with the San Diego Museum of Art Artists Guild where she was awarded with honors.  For more images and information visit patriciapauchnick.com or contact her directly at ppauchnick@gmail.com.  

Artist ( Description ): 

Patricia Pauchnick

Venue ( Address ): 

Merchants of Reality

285 9th Street

San Francsico, CA 94103

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