Michele King and Truong Tran| Illumination | The Poetics of Light,

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Tuesday, 12 June 2018 to Saturday, 25 August 2018
Saturday, 23 June 2018 - 5:00pm

Avenue 12 Gallery is proud to present Michele King and Truong Tran| Illumination | The Poetics of Light, an exhibition of mixed media paintings and constructed acrylic panels. Michele King’s paintings have rich surface texture in abstracted landscapes with surfaces that can be luminescent at times through her deft combination of aquarelle (thin transparent watercolors), acrylic, and ink. Truong Tran fills acrylic panels with materials such as swirling mylar and 35 mm film that are often illuminated from within, with subtle color variations that permeate the undulating bands and change as the viewer’s angle varies.

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Michele King is a process-oriented artist who has been exhibiting her mixed media work for over fifteen years. Michele has a cross-disciplinary background that she incorporates into her work, most recently as an artist-in-residence in Barcelona. She has pursued graduate art studies in Glasgow. Michele lives and works in San Francisco.

Truong Tran received his MFA from San Francisco State University. He is the author of numerous volumes of poetry and as a visual artist is known for his light filled mixed media constructions. He lives and has his studio in San Francisco and teaches at Mills College.

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Curator Courtney Norris: “Light and the act of illumination are central to the work of Illumination | The Poetics of Light. Michele King's material and light studies examine interrelationships between our senses and surroundings in shaping belonging, place and cultural identity. They merge fictional and real spaces to form a symbolic journey towards home/self. Similarly, Troung Tran's
process of construction and layering explores proximity and distance: the use (or non-use) of light invites the viewer to come close, yet sometimes a perspective can only be achieved by taking a step back. He invokes the metaphor of light as a way of thinking through the conditions of our times. Both artists grapple with light as the means for revealing the multiple dimensions of their work, with the desire to illuminate the process of making these densely layered objects as they move towards an undetermined end.”

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1101 Lake Street

San Francisco CA 94118

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