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Exhibition: Jens Rossen A Solo Show

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Saturday, 10 October 2020 to Sunday, 13 December 2020

Sparks Gallery is pleased to present a solo show by San Diego artist Jens Rossen. This exhibition, in partnership with Exclusive Collections Gallery, will showcase the artist’s newest body of work titled, “Segues.”

Born in Denmark, Jens Rossen is an expressionist painter whose paintings play on the viewers’ senses, transporting them into the realm of the sublime. Throughout his formative years, Rossen traveled back and forth from Denmark to California, resulting in a depth of influences manifesting itself within his own artwork.

“The obvious influences of de Kooning, Kline and even Pollock are melded together with his Scandinavian sensibility of naturalism so that a fresh new experience is to be found for the viewer in these welcoming, enlightening works of art” – Jamie Ellin Forbes, critic.

From the Artist:
“The approach to my work is to capture balanced energy within the space of a painting using only abstraction. The series ‘Segues’ is a collection of paintings finished in a 6 month period from March to September 2020. This series was influenced by high levels of unrest and impatience externally and internally during that time. Immediacy, exploration and the need for freedom in each painting became the sole focus as opposed to a focus on the series evolving as a whole. The resulting series is a journal of paintings that chronicles the disparate paths of what is being created and its connectivity to what was created before.” – Jens Rossen

Title: Shifting Grounds
Artist: Jens Rossen
Dimension: 48 × 0 × 48 in

Title: Imagined Face Facing The Unimaginable
Artist: Jens Rossen
Dimension: 34 × 0 × 52 in

Title: Willing To Smile
Artist: Jens Rossen
Dimension: 36 × 0 × 48 in

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619 696 1416

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530 Sixth Ave.

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