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Gallery House presents On and Off the Wall: An exhibit of 3D art

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Tuesday, 29 May 2018 to Saturday, 23 June 2018
Friday, 1 June 2018 - 6:00pm


May 22, 2018, PALO ALTO: Gallery House is excited to announce their new show, On & Off the Wall, an exhibit of 3D art, which will be on from May 29 to June 23, 2018. Gallery House, an artist-managed fine arts gallery, is located at 320 California Ave., Palo Alto, CA (650-326-1668). A reception will be held Friday, June 1 from 6 to 8 pm. The public is invited. Gallery hours are Tuesday and Wednesday 10am to 6pm, Thursday through Saturday noon to 8pm, and Sunday 11am to 3pm.

Six of the gallery’s 3D artists will be presenting new work, showing the diversity and versatility of 3-dimensional artwork, from pieces you can wear to tableware, from sculpture to works that can hang on the wall.

The presenting artists are:

Heny Alikashani creates enameled jewelry and sculpture. Enameling the art of fusing glass onto metal. Vitreous enamel powders are sifted onto the metal surface and the piece is fired in a very hot kiln. Many layers and firings are needed to achieve an interesting finished effect, which then shimmers and glows with permanent colors which will never fade with time.

Barbara Brown is a clay artist whose goal is to create objects that communicate peace and tranquility and add a touch of beauty to our lives. She has traveled extensively, and her work reflects her interaction of the other cultures. Barbara’s love of clay, water and stone translate into water sculpture, vase forms and food presentation pieces.

Rose Hagan is a fused glass artist who takes her inspiration from nature and communicates emotion through color. She creates pieces that showcase glass’s characteristics and contradictions: - its ability to transmit and reflect light and color; its fragility and sometimes deceptive strength.  Rose is especially interested in pushing the boundaries of the medium and playing off contrasts: mass and space, strength and fragility, solid and ethereal.

Celma Kirkwood is a ceramic artist with a signature style – complex, organic forms in harmony with vivid surface decoration. Her work searches for the endless possibilities clay offers through a process that involves less planning than feeling as the piece evolves.

Kiyoco Michot exhibits ceramics that serve a variety of purposes, from the functionally utilitarian to contemporary decorative. With soft hues and appealing shapes, Kiyoco’s aesthetic choices allow her creations to blend harmoniously with their surroundings yet remain unique as artistic expressions. They are made in porcelain and stoneware and fired up to cone nine (2300F).

Theresa Robinson’s materials consist of recycled wood, found objects and assorted junk or “treasures”, as she calls them. Working in 3 dimensions, she assembles and embellishes the pieces with carving, paint, pen and wood  burning. Drawing on wood with paint and pen and applying texture with collage material is a more recent development. People continue to be her subject. She confesses to being a dedicated people watcher, though any resemblance to actual individuals is purely coincidental.

These 6 diverse artists showcase a wide variety of contemporary 3D art, both on and off the wall.

For more details, please check the Gallery House (www.galleryhouse2.com) website.

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320 S. California Avenue

Palo Alto 94306

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