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Sunday, 17 July 2022 to Monday, 17 July 2023

Armando Ortiz is a versatile artist whose daily work includes acrylic paintings, digital drawings, custom art, jewelry and design for bridal, competitive figure and fitness bikinis, competitive ballroom dance, competitive figure skating, local theater, and every day wardrobe. Armando is known for his intricate designs, unique concepts, and his use of vibrant colors. Armando believes that beautiful costuming is a vital part of every great moment on stage.

Armando is the owner and designer at Armando Originals - The Creative Studio located in heart of the Paseo Arts District in Oklahoma City. Armando's artwork was selected by jury for this one year online residency. Welcome Armando!

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I tell people all the time, “We only have one chance at life.” I encourage everyone to try new things, to color outside the lines, to take risks, and to be bold. My business is sustained by referrals from happy customers, so I always work hard to create beautiful custom pieces that my clients will love to own, to wear, and to tell their friends about. I love the creative process... from the initial client consultation to the final stitch on a design or signature on a piece of custom art. I am grateful that I get to use my passion to bring more beauty and art into the world.

I create custom clothing and costumes, mixing different textures and colors. My paintings are mixed media but typically acrylic paint on canvas. I create a lot of art and designs digitally for original art prints as well as for custom printed fabric with OKC Fabric Market.

(405) 426-0275
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2420 N. Robinson Avenue

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73103

Orange Buddha Gallery , Oklahoma City

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