Your Reflection is the Message

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Saturday, 25 August 2018
Saturday, 25 August 2018 -
6:00pm to 10:00pm


Your Reflection is the Message is a one-day pop-up solo show by Artist and mystic Luis Martin / The Art Engineer. This exhibition at the gallery at the Con Artist Collective will show original collages and limited edition prints. Collage is the Artist’s central vehicle to deliver a kaleidoscopic pantheon of new mythology. The Artist playfully defaces historical textbook art to recast and reimagine archetypes in cryptic visual narratives. The artwork in the show is the result of Martin’s creative process as both a meditative practice and an act of political appropriation. By assigning meaning to the images imposed on the Artist through lopsided histories and pervasive media, the Artist deliberately assigns meaning and provides his own context to the material.


During the event Martin will perform personalized readings from the Neo Arch Deck, a divination and creative practice deck the Artist has developed. The deck, on sale this fall, is composed of one hundred original collages each depicting emerging archetypes, that offer opportunities for creative reflection. Each participant will receive a signed card from the deck and a reading of its unique mythology.      

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I am a New York artist originally from Los Angeles. Collaging, to me, is the ultimate democratic and political art practice. It’s source material can be anything and everything available to the artist. Every choice the artist makes gives new meaning and context to the images being collaged.


By exercising appropriation, an act usually limited to those with absolute power, I give meaning to the images around me instead of it being imposed on me, through media and advertisement.


I created the term “The Art Engineer” to remind myself of the power artists have to “engineer” and show the possibilities of self defined reality. By creating conversation about identity and pop-culture's excess, my work becomes a mirror that reflects the familiar in altered perspectives.


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119 Ludlow Street

Lower East Side

New York New York

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