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Mid-Summer Night's Dream feat. Hidden Wonders

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Saturday, 17 June 2017 to Tuesday, 22 August 2017
Saturday, 24 June 2017 - 3:00pm

Environmental advocate Edward Abbey stated, “It is no longer sufficient to describe the world of nature. The point is to defend it.” Reflecting on her deep passion for nature, Abstract Realist Judith Mont's abstract oceanographic paintings illustrate the beauty of marine life and its infinite intricacies. Inspired by the molluscan shell’s manifold colors, patterns, and textures, Ms. Mont transforms the visual principles of the shell into high-energy, chromatically dramatic, mixed-media oceanic panoramas. Through a myriad of colors and magnifying patterns, Ms. Mont enlarges the shell’s surreal qualities to establish dynamic and saturated abstract canvases which serve to highlight her environmental concerns. These painted visual metaphors encourage us to connect and honor our Neptune eco-system. Submerging her canvases with cascading fluctuations of color and texture, her marine-inspired oeuvre possesses the splashing fluidity and endless vistas of the sea.

Transforming natural, aquatic beauty, Ms. Mont navigates the full wheel of the color spectrum to regenerate the path of floating forms as well as to rejuvenate the schema of her abstract seascapes. Woven together, her integrative technique of naturalism and imagination is bathed with a brilliant color palette, and illuminates the subtle wonders of marine life. Exploring the complexities of the natural world that are often overlooked, in particular molluscan life, Ms. Mont’s chromatic configurations explode in her marinescapes which maintain the integrity and organic quality of the sea world life.

From early childhood, Judith Gale Mont has possessed a love for creativity and a deep concern for oceanic preservation. By channeling her passionate conservation mission into her art she explains "These hidden sources of wonder are gradually disappearing. With the devastation of coral reefs worldwide, mankind is losing some of its most precious spectacles.” Encouraging us to revitalize our own perspective, Ms. Mont emphasizes the architectural detail of shells and the abundance of diversity present in marine environments.

Mimicking the infinite nuances of each individual shell, Ms. Mont mirrors the intricacies of aquatic organisms and regenerates their small scale onto large canvases. By elevating amphibian unique patterns and calibrated shapes into phantasmagorical renderings. she emphasizes the need to observe and protect our aquatic universe. “My intrigue led me below the waters into the fascinating world of molluscan life. I have spotlighted this beauty through close examination interlaced with imagination,” explains Ms. Mont. With hypnotic depth and brilliant color, her hydrographic oeuvre serves a dual purpose: to magnify and to rejuvenate appreciation for the thalassic world.

Preservationist, Conservationist and Environmental Advocatist, Judith Gale Mont's oceanic seascapes revitalize people to treasure the natural world by encouraging viewers to dive to the voyage to the bottom of the sea and honor our maritime eco-system. Aesthetically flooded with a visceral narrative of preserving our marine universe, her visual Neptunian journey has catapulted her important aquatic narrative into the contemporary art arena and is earning her national and international accolades. Working in many mediums, including painting, mixed media, and photography, Ms Mont is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts, and lives and works in New York City, and Baltimore, Maryland. Amsterdam Whitney Gallery is proud to shine the spotlight on this trailblazing junior "Ambassador of Oceanic Art."

Artist ( Description ): 

Judith Gale Mont is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts, working in many mediums, including painting, mixed media, and photography. She lives and works in New York City, and Baltimore, Maryland. 

A major goal of her work is the hope to reconnect people to the natural world. Mother Earth is the source for the materials and concepts chosen, which are often discovered through her explorations in the wilderness, tending to her garden, and her involvement with ocean life.  Mimicking the endless possibilities of the wonders of nature yields high-energy creations that are both stimulating yet tranquil.  

A persistent theme of Mont's recent work is inspired by the molluscan seashell’s manifold of colors, patterns, and textures.  

(212) 255-9050
Venue ( Address ): 

Amsterdam Whitney Gallery

531 W 25th St, Ground Floor, New York, NY 10001

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