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"L’Instant" by Xavier Rodés

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Saturday, 29 June 2019 to Sunday, 21 July 2019
Saturday, 29 June 2019 -
6:00pm to 8:00pm

Featuring Xavier Rodés
29 June–21 July 2019
Opening Reception on 29 June, 6-8pm
RSVP Required: info@hugogalerie.com


HUGO GALERIE is pleased to present L’Instant, a solo exhibition featuring the harbors and industrial spaces of Xavier Rodés. The artist takes these traditionally boisterous environments and captures them in idle moments, causing their peace to be all the more palpable and powerful.

These pristine scenes of respite are not without life, however. They are alive with light—caught at the moment, the instant, when the sun is angled just right and the shadows are cast just so. Brilliant reflections dance across the water, ripples radiate in a spectrum of color, and dented cars appear to glow. Even somber shadows seem to glide across the canvas along the sun’s path. Rodés’ ability to inspire tranquility and bring to bear the beauty of an industrial space at rest is masterful.

The artist’s talent shines brightest in the juxtapositions he presents: a work site devoid of humans, a bustling industry in repose, a devotional calm palpitating with life, a still painting full of activity. A moment is scientifically only 2 ¼ seconds long, but in Rodés’ hands it can last a lifetime. Because for Rodés, the moments he captures are not units of time but of place; each instant is the culmination of when everything—the industry, the vehicles, the sun and its shadows, the perpetually ticking clock, and especially the viewer—has found serenity in the perfect place.

HUGO GALERIE is a fine art gallery in New York City specializing in contemporary figurative painting and sculpture. The gallery represents an international roster of artists working in a variety of media and range of genres. Please direct inquiries to info@hugogalerie.com.

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Xavier Rodés was born in 1971 in Barcelona, Spain. He studied Art at EINA College, where he created a final project on the subject of “Industrial and Urban Landscape”. Today, he lives and works at his home and studio in El Masnou, a small town near Barcelona.

The ground-breaking treatment of light, precise drawing and thematic originality create Rodés’ distinguished and unique style. In spite of being a figurative artist, his paintings suggest non-conventional ideas, as he focuses on the composition and the chromatic harmony rather than pure description.

Following his first exhibition in 1996, he has exhibited his work at many galleries throughout Spain, most frequently at Sala Parés in Barcelona and Ansorena Gallery in Madrid. He has taken part in several international fairs such as those in Strasbourg, London and Madrid. His paintings are present in many private and public collections and in galleries worldwide, including USA, France, Switzerland, and Argentina.


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Hugo Galerie
472 W Broadway
New York, NY 10012

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