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Thursday, 8 June 2023 to Sunday, 9 July 2023
Thursday, 8 June 2023 - 6:00pm

The Future Now, the latest exhibition from upstart Crown Heights art space the Julia Seabrook Gallery, is a joyous celebration of the latest work from a diverse assemblage of artists, many with backgrounds in the evolving, boundless world of graffiti and street art. An opening reception is set for June 8, 6-8 PM, at 660 Franklin Ave., Brooklyn. Perhaps the only Brooklyn art gallery owned and operated by a Black woman, JSG follows the success of its inaugural shows – the all-woman Miss Universe and Boy Meets World, featuring New England outside artist Chip Haggerty – with a line-up that features a raft of able street artists and others whose work simply cannot stand still. There is urgent work from local Brooklyn artists, but also new and engaging pieces from artists from Atlanta, Madrid, San Diego and elsewhere. The works express motion, agility, friction, humor and realism, tied together by their use of bright colors to gather focus and evoke emotions: whether it’s the expression on a the face of a young woman rendered in cartoon realism, a neoimpressionist take on a bloodied boxer, or the angelic longing of a young Black man seated in the clouds.


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Tim Conlon, a Los Angeles-based artist and freight train graffiti writer who draws inspiration from the aerosol art that decorates America’s fleet of freight trains as they ply the America’s network of railroad tracks from coast to coast. No longer active as a freight graffiti writer, today Conlan expresses his fascination with America’s rolling stock canvases through photorealistic paintings on canvas and similarly true-to-life depictions of graffiti art on G scale Trains.

Alejandro Aboli, @the_redline, an award-winning Spanish filmmaker and photographer, seeks to incorporate surrealism and abstract expressionism into his photos as a means of weaving together reality and fiction. Influenced by the work of Picasso and Dalí, Áboli earned arts degrees from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and the Universidad Francisco de Vitoria.

Elektra KB, @elektrakb, is a Latin American artist from Colombia who works with fiber and textiles, video, technology and  photography. Their art centers on themes of illness and disability, migration, healing rituals, networks of care, gender violence and the dynamics of abuse of power from a global south decolonial perspective.

Jared Angelo, @artbyjangelo, is an Atlanta-based painter who also works in film and fashion. “Gratitude, it’s always appreciated when someone likes what I put into the world. To get familiar with me I’d say I’m a creator. “As of late art has been my focus. Film and fashion are love languages to me. So what I do is a compilation of what makes me happy,” he said.

Kevin Johnson, @kevjart, Johnson’a art flows from self-study, experimentation and some formal training, including four years working with painter Thomas Blackshear. “Everyday I work on my craft  to get better as an artist. Everyday is a learning experience, not just painting but looking at life and how I can apply those life experiences to my art,” he says.

Colin Christian, @colinchristian, is a British artist who moved to the U.S. in 1993, creates larger-than-life fiberglass figures using silicone to create a unique “cartoon realism’ effect. His focus has remained with the female form and face, finding inspiration in old sci-fi movies, pinup girls and supermodels, anime, ambient electronic music and H.P. Lovecraft. 

David ‘Mr Star City’ White, @mrstarcity, Based in New York and Los Angeles, David "MrStarCity" White creates bodies of work that span a diverse range of media from painting to sculpture, poetry to music, performance to the moving image. He creates playful abstract portraits of both real and imagined subjects, embodying an otherworldly synthesis of the beauty, passion and conflict that define our world.

Great Boxers, @greatboxers, is a Brooklyn based artist who specializes in depictions of boxers just before or just after engaging in the sweet science. His work depicts characters in still life, but at once ready to spring into action. His artwork portrays strength, determination, optimism, readiness, struggle and faith. His work has been seen in galleries across New York and beyond. 

Nanderson Saint Pierre, @oursouls, Naderson Saint-Pierre is an Orlando-based painter who seeks to provoke thought and conversation that transforms the way that the viewer truly sees the world and their place in society. Operating without a traditional guide, Saint- Pierre is a self taught artist who consistently explores new skills, genres and ideas. 

Christopher Konecki, konecki_art, is a self-taught painter and sculptor who is known for work ranging from huge aerosol murals to tiny miniature sculptures. His work is socially conscious, generally irreverent, and focused on subjects that are both serious and absurd. He unapologetically mixes elements of nature with harsh urban landscapes and elements of street art and graffiti, symbolizing the ongoing struggle between the harmonious coexistence of these competing forces.

Porkchop, @porktomic, Porkchop is a mulit-disciplinary artist from New Jersey known for his murals, mixed media art and sculpture. He often imbues vintage images with darker and more contemporary elements. He has exhibited extensively in the United States and Europe and is published in “The Greatest Erotic Art of Today” Volume 2, “Eye Candy” and “I Want your Skull.”

Karim Hamid, Karim Hamid’s paintings function as a psychic response to an unconvincing onslaught of media superficiality and the pervasive objectification of the female form in art history. The goal of his paintings is to distort and exaggerate this emphasis on an idealized form. In his paintings he is focused mostly on the psychic condition of the person observed, something not readily available to the conditioned eye. In his portraits, or anonymous found imagery, he expects the same thing – to find something broader in the meaning and composure.

Onnissia, @onnissia, (oh nee see yuh) is a visual artist of guiltless sexual expression exploring sexuality and intimacy through vivid and spirited paintings. Her strongly styled silhouettes depict women and queer people declaring their sexuality and celebrating the power of their vulnerability.


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660 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn

B Scene Zine , New York

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